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New SkillPath Internship Program with Graceland University Students


Press Release

April 9, 2018 | Megan Hartnett

Students meeting with potential companies for internship opportunities in Graceland University's Shaw Center on the Lamoni campus.

When deciding upon a career, one of the most important considerations is the organization from which you receive your education — and this may not be limited to a college or university. Business-training associations seek to give professional instruction to those on a specific career path, and SkillPath is one of the most notable.

Launched in 1989, SkillPath has grown to become the primary provider of business and soft skills training in the United States, Canada and Australia. The organization provides many services such as live seminars, webinars, corporate onsite training, content licensing, eLearning and more. SkillPath also presents over 16,000 seminars to 200,000 people every year, providing training to employees in 997 of the Fortune 1000, 15 branches of the federal government, four branches of the U.S. military and all four major sports leagues. In total, SkillPath has provided training to more than 10 million people worldwide.

In 1995, the organization partnered with Graceland University and has recently created a new opportunity for students. SkillPath has launched a new internship program for college-level students. The program partners seven interns with mentors who will work on career-focused projects for the duration of the program.

“This internship program is a great way for SkillPath to share our industry and business knowledge with a whole new demographic of future job seekers,” said Stacey Parker, a member of the recruiting team.

SkillPath’s internship recruiting team, made up of Greg Furstner, Stacey Parker and Molly Heavner, began their intern search in August 2017. The team interviewed more than two dozen students from three Midwestern universities: Graceland University, the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Emporia State. The interns were carefully selected through a combination of on-campus, web-based and on-site interviews.

“The 2018 summer interns are the best of the best and represent some of the brightest students in the Midwest,” Parker said.

The interns come from several different fields of study. Kaylee Burkhiser, a current junior at Graceland University, is majoring in business administration and communication and will work on the Public Webinar Development project. Melissa Sherer, a graduating senior with a double major in business administration and English, will be assigned to the New Product Development: Video/Online project. Tamela Hill, a junior at Graceland majoring in computer science and information technology as well as business administration, will be work on the New Product Development project with Sherer.

The internship takes place in Mission, Kansas, where the interns will be paid to work full time with normal business hours from May 21 to Aug. 3. The recruiting team believes the internship will be a learning experience for not only the interns, but for the mentors and all of SkillPath as well.

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