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Graceland University Prepares for the Future


Administration and Staff, Faculty

February 1, 2018

Graceland University 1895 The Higdon Administration Building

Graceland University is preparing for the future and the dramatically changing higher education environment. In the fall, University President Patricia H. Draves presented a blueprint for the university to move forward in six strategic pathways.

Exceptional Academics, Experiences and Value through Growth  

  1. Academics of the Future
  2. Holistic Learning Experiences
  3. Strategic Enrollment and Retention Growth
  4. Financial Stability and Learning Environments
  5. Distinctive Value
  6. Collaborative and Innovative Community

Graceland has started steps on the pathways with proactive decisions toward operational efficiency, sustainable enrollment, retention and reallocation of resources. Graceland has reframed for a strong future. A reallocation and reduction in staff was one of the initial yet difficult steps to goals four and five to better align with higher education standards and to control costs.

Graceland’s top priorities continue to be quality education, experiences and support for each student while remaining a strong value for our students and families.

Committed to a thriving future, Graceland’s entrepreneurial spirit and outstanding education demonstrated by our successful alumni, will allow us to proudly continue the tradition of graduating students who go out and live the Graceland mission by making this world a better place.

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