Graceland Enactus Proposes Lamoni Trail Enhancements

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February 23, 2017

Enactus members, the mayor and city council at the council meeting
Graceland Enactus team members Kyle Wilson and Drew Radloff and advisor Jared Doty address Lamoni Mayor and City Council to present their trail proposal.

The Graceland University Enactus Community Fitness Team has set its first challenge on the Lamoni Recreation Trails. With the recommendation of the Lamoni Trails Commission to support their proposal, the team presented their project to Lamoni City Council at its last meeting. “Our ultimate goal is not just the addition of exercise stations along the trail,” said senior Ricky Griffin, Graceland Enactus Fitness Team. “We want to promote the idea that Lamoni is continually innovating, creating and moving forward to provide the best for our community.”

By April 15, the Graceland Enactus team plans to install the first of five exercise stations on the east trail in Lamoni, on their way to accomplishing the group’s goal of bringing affordable fitness access to the community. “The multi-fit junior has been chosen as the first station because it offers seven units that can be repeated and connected in endless configurations,” said Jared Doty, Graceland Enactus advisor and Director of the Sandage Center for the Study of Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. “It offers features for upper body strength, full body agility and coordination, and especially appeals to young people just getting started in a fitness routine.”

Enactus is an international nonprofit organization on 1,600 university campuses worldwide that brings together student, academic and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve quality of life and standard of living within their communities. The Graceland team is divided into several smaller project teams that focus on things such as healthcare initiatives in Zambia, student needs and success, financial training and community unity, in addition to the community fitness initiative. The fitness team has chosen to concentrate on the trails, which led them to research usage and appropriate equipment for the trails and to seek and receive funding from the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation and DEKKO.

After researching over a dozen companies, the Enactus team chose TriActive Fitness Equipment, which designs outdoor exercise equipment for all age groups and levels of fitness. TriActive equipment includes the ability to track and log workouts with smart phones. The stations will be integrated with existing apps like Under Amour’s Map My Run and Nike’s Run Program to both serve current trails users and inform users unfamiliar with the area that these elements are present on the Lamoni trails. Placement could begin as early as April, and the Enactus team plans to add four additional locations.

“Enactus’ proposal will enhance the experience for everyone – residents, visitors and tourists – who use the trail to walk, bike or jog,” said Lamoni Mayor Doug Foster. “The team’s report was very thorough and professional. It was no surprise to me that their proposal received a unanimous vote from the council to move forward.”


Written by Gary Rees originally for the Lamoni Chronicle.

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