Graceland University FALL 2020 VOL.36, NO.1



Graceland University: 125 Years Feature

125 Years: A collective history of milestones and memories that forge the beloved Graceland experience

Our Graceland history is made of everything from impressive buildings to major decisions, but it is also intricately woven with bricks and paint, and with the interests of the people who determined it. The first 125 years of the Graceland experience includes vision, trials, love, undoubtedly some snorting laughter — and everything in between. 

We have assembled just a hint of what has formed the Graceland that we now stand on as we look toward the future. As you read these 125 details — some big and some small, and maybe a few that could fit in a time capsule — we hope you’ll remember some of your own. And we hope they bring you joy.

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President Patricia Draves in front of the Newcom Student Union construction

From the President

I do not typically get a lot of questions about my time outside of the Graceland community. I think part of the reason is that immediately upon my arrival, Graceland’s students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends embraced me as one of their own...

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The Buzz

The Buzz

We build learning communities that develop students from diverse backgrounds across many academic and student experiences. We are dedicated to ensuring we are part of a solution to a broader world challenge of inclusion and opportunity...

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For the fall semester, the new normal meant wearing masks in public.

The New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a variety of challenges for nearly everyone on Earth, and Graceland’s Lamoni campus is no different. The decision to move Spring 2019 classes to an online format during spring break was just the beginning...

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A message from Harry Ashenhurst

Graceland Forever

We are living in amazing times. The events of the year 2020 have tested the world, including Graceland, in defining who we are, who we have been and who we aspire to be. As a nation and a world, we have shared many challenges together this year...

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Ray Adams from the North Door Singers

Where are They Now

The North Door Singers, originally called the New Folk Singers, began as a group of performing students who organized in the fall of 1965. The group’s name was a reference to the original grand entrance of the Higdon Administration Building...

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JR Shaw reviews the Shaw Center renovations

JR Shaw

JR Shaw, Executive Chair of Shaw Communications Inc., passed away peacefully March 23 at the age of 85. Shaw was a visionary and business leader who contributed significantly to the communications, business and social landscape of Canada...

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Tom Morain, an ordinary extraordinary man.

Tom Morain

Throughout his life, Tom Morain was less determined to accomplish extraordinary things than to do ordinary things with extraordinary love – and ended up doing both. For almost 20 years of his life, Morain ’69 expressed his love of Graceland...

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Graceland Yellowjackets hall of famer Steve Peck

Steve Peck

Graceland University Yellowjackets hall of famer Steve Peck ’73 passed away peacefully at his home Tuesday, July 14, 2020, after an 11-year battle with kidney cancer. Peck was a loyal supporter of Graceland over the years and was inducted...

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Class Notes

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