Alumni Profiles

Alumni from the Division of Health and Movement Science can be found in many places. Read about their Graceland experience and how they are using their education today.

Athletic Training Alumni

Brandon Yoder '03 - athletic trainer, Kansas State University

Erin Lundy '04 - athletic trainer and instructor, Graceland University

Tara Eskridge '05 - athletic trainer at J. J. Pearce High School, Richland, TX

Jenna Silvey '06 - athletic trainer, UC-Riverside

Vince Fedorowich '06 - head athletic trainer, Arizona Sundogs

David Herrera '07 - athletic trainer, Boston Red Sox organization

Health Alumni

Katie Noynaert `06 - American Red Cross, Central Iowa Chapter, Des Moines

Wellness Program Management Alumni

Bobbi Kuehl `78 - health coach, Kansas City Fire Department

Natasha Galloway `06 - massage therapist, Colorado

Lani Hefel `08 - personal trainer, Des Moines

Megan Neeley `08 - massage therapy school, University of Iowa

Brandon Yoder

Class of 2003

Majors: Athletic Training and Physical Education & Health

"Graceland provided me with a solid educational foundation that allowed me to develop hands-on experience that other universities lack. Because of this, along with the "small community" feel, enhanced my ability to develop solid relationships with my athletes that lead to trust in important decisions regarding their well-being."

Additional Education: Southern Methodist University, 2005, Master of Liberal Arts

Current Employment: Kansas State University, assistant athletic trainer, baseball

Katie Noynaert

Class of 2006

Major: Health

"In Jan. 2006, I completed an internship for the Central Iowa Chapter of the American Red Cross. During the internship, I completed several office tasks and had the opportunity to learn a lot about the inner-workings of a large non-profit. During the spring semester, I continued to volunteer one or two days a week as my schedule allowed. 

After graduation, I moved to Des Moines and worked at Iowa Methodist Registration and Admissions Department. In this position, I registered patients as they entered the emergency room, then assigned them to beds upon admission to the hospital. While I did not directly participate in patient care, I learned a great deal about the behind the scenes action. I put the skills and knowledge I learned in classes, such as medical terminology, medical ethics and current issues, to work on a daily basis. 

While working at Methodist, I continued to volunteer for the Red Cross specializing in the disease prevention education program. Under the guidance of the coordinator, Bryce Sitter, I began leading Scrubby Bear Presentations (hand washing for children), Avian Flu lectures, and created measles and malaria awareness. I work primarily with elementary and high schools as well as on several opportunities to respond and volunteer for disasters. I truly believe I have one of the most rewarding and fun jobs available. 

My recommendation to anyone who is not sure what they would like to do after college is to get involved in the field that they are interested in, whether through volunteering, an internship or just shadowing a person as they go through a normal day at work. By doing this, you not only discover if you would like to work full time in that position, but you discover different opportunities that are available. By volunteering or doing an internship, you make connections that may present excellent connections in the future. The recommendations I received from my supervisors at the Red Cross allowed me to work at the hospital and eventually allowed me to work full time for the Red Cross. When applying for this position, my supervisors already knew me, and I knew the program, which made me stand out more than the other applicants."

Current Employment: American Red Cross, Central Iowa Chapter

Tara EskridgeTara Eskridge

Class of 2005

Majors: Athletic Training and Physical Education & Health

Minors: Biology and Health

"My experiences and the education I received at Graceland University more than prepared me for my current career. The smaller size of Graceland helped me attain more hands-on experience in regards to athletic training. I was able to work with numerous sports and even serve as the head athletic training student for a few of them. This experience prepared me for eventually working on my own as an athletic trainer, both at the college and high school levels.

The smaller class sizes helped students and teachers be on a more personal and approachable level. It was easy to contact professors with questions and problems, and you didn't feel like just another student. The athletic training staff at Graceland had very high expectations of all of the athletic training students. They challenged us on a daily basis to be the best and to try and figure things out on our own. They knew if we actually thought about the problem at hand and talked it out, we might not need their help.

I know that I can always count on the people I have met at Graceland. Whether it may be networking for jobs or life-long friends that I have met along the way, I know that Graceland alumni are always there for each other and will continue to be no matter what year you graduated."  

Additional Education: Southern Methodist University, 2007, Master of Liberal Arts - served as graduate assistant athletic trainer

Current Employment: assistant athletic trainer at J.J. Pearce High School, Richardson, TX

Jenna Silvey RasmussenJenna Silvey Rasmussen, MS, ATC

Class of 2006

Jenna earned a bachelor's degree from Graceland University and a master's degree from Indiana State University. She then returned to Graceland where she served as an instructor and the clinical coordinator for the athletic training major.

Jenna married Garth Rasmussen in the summer of 2009. The Rasmussen's reside in California where Jenna works as a collegiate athletic trainer.



David HerreraDavid Herrera

Class of 2007

Major: Athletic Training

Minor: Health

While a student at Graceland, David played football and elected to gain extra athletic training experience by volunteering with the Iowa Stars hockey team, the AHL affiliate of the Dallas Stars, who played in Des Moines at the time. David graduated in Dec. 2007 and started with the Boston Red Sox organization in Jan. 2008.

Current Employment: Boston Red Sox Organization, athletic trainer