We are thrilled to report that $380,433 was raised during our #Grateful4Graceland Day of Giving!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018, was our third Day of Giving to Give and Share.  We asked alumni and friends to reflect on their Graceland experience, express what they were grateful for on social media and make an appreciation gift.  The results were amazing!

A group of alumni, friends, and their matching employers stepped up with a pool of Matching Dollars. A gift from alumni and friends age 40 and younger was matched 2:1 while gifts from everyone over 40 was matched 1:1. That means gifts to our #Grateful4Graceland Day of Giving were either doubled or tripled!

THANK YOU to our Matching Challenge pool of donors:

  • Sue Bevington '89 and her matching employer Microsoft
  • Gail Hice Brown '63
  • John Godfrey '06
  • John Green '33
  • Jim '53 and Lorene Cook '54 Henson 
  • Dean Limric '53
  • Jay '64 and Cherry Phelps '65 Newcom
  • Scott '81 and Heather Ourth
  • An anonymous friend and their matching employer
  • Graceland University Employees

Here are some #Grateful4Graceland comments.

"I'm #Grateful4Graceland because of the wonderful education I received during my time there and for the amazing lifelong friends I made while on campus."  Tara Eskridge '05 Grubbs

"How could we not be GRATEFUL for what Graceland has done for us. We met at Graceland as students, married in 1965, and have been together since then. We so appreciate the education we received, and the life-long friends that we made during our time on "the hill!" Thanks Graceland! GO JACKETS!"  Rich '65 and Judy Baker '66 Harrop

"Love the power of together and all that the GU experience provides to students, faculty, and staff."  Stassi '03 and Stephen Cramm

"I will be retiring soon as Dean of the School of Nursing and as Interim VP of the Independence Campus. I've taught at Graceland for 24 years. I have been inspired by the students who have graduated and become intelligent caring nurses as a result of their Graceland Experience! I am grateful for the many years of happiness working with students, staff and faculty at Graceland University! Go Graceland!!!"  Claudia Horton '86

"So excited to participate in this day! Graceland Forever!"  Mindy Mulheron '05

"Proud to be a Yellowjacket!" Ryan Jennings '99

"Graceland Forever!"  Paige Stanfield-Myers '92

"I am always grateful for the two years I spent at Graceland. It was a highly supportive place for social maturity and for launching my academic career." Nicholas Bankson '58

"I cherish my years at Graceland! The leadership opportunities, the education, the lifelong friendships I was given will forever be dear to me!"  Diane Harrington '81 Hawkins

"So excited to be a part of the Graceland family!"  Mike '98 and Danielle Stowell

"So proud to have the honor of being President at Graceland!"  President Pat Draves

"We love GU and have GU to thank for us being together! "  Alex VanEeghen '04 and Chad '04 Weikel

"Our 4 kids and our daughter-in-law attended Graceland, we are grateful for Graceland, indeed!"  Carla Sacry '84 and Erik '84 Nilsen 

"Friends for life!"  Charlie Vickrey '60

"We love Graceland and we are happy to support our alma mater! Graceland needs everyone's support so that the power of together can make a big difference for many years to come! #GratefulforGraceland"  Noel '91 and Alison Stoner '92 Sherer

"My teachers and friends from Graceland are the wind beneath my wings. The values I developed during my 4 years sustained me well in my career and my personal life. My life has been a beautiful kaleidoscope of vibrant colours. The one that stands out the most is having courage to speak to the truth I see before me. This gave others courage and improved our effectiveness in attaining goals. Go Team Graceland!"  Lori Reichart '80

"I truly appreciate dear friends, dedicated colleagues, and terrific students that I had the privilege to know while attending GU in the 1960s and while teaching at GU for 38 years! May GU continue to make significant contributions to the lives of its students and to the world!"  Mary Jean Murdock '65 Jeanae

"Thanks Graceland, for everything you've done for our family...past, present and future!"  Mike Wiley '83 and Dana Cochran-Wiley '82

"Grateful for my time at GU!"  Mandy Macias '08

"Graceland Students, Alumni, and Friends, Together We Can!!"  Lorrie Long '65

"We are proud to be Graceland alumni and the parents of four children that attended Graceland!"  Steve '72 and Dr. Susan Jeschke '73 Calloway

"My time at Graceland made me the person who I am today!"  Brandi Elkins '06 Mair 

"GU provided me the environment to promote my confidence and leadership abilities. I was able to explore a variety of interests which prepared me for opportunities that I couldn't even imagined back then."  Terri Cavin '72 Majors 

"I have been a part of 4 generations that are Graceland Graduates. Truly Grateful 4 Graceland."  Lisa Sheehy '80 Stobbe

"We are happy to be able to give back to such a wonderful place!!"  Doug '74 and Susan Swails '76 Mack

"I love giving back to a university that gave me so much personally and professionally. Thank you Graceland!"  Brittany Atwood '06 Thomas

"Graceland is awesome! I'm grateful for the friendships I made there!"  Ashley Teixeira '02

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Did you miss it?

We recorded the live stream from the Day of Giving so you can go back and watch.  Click here, then click on the "On Demand" tab, scroll down to the March 6, 2018 Day of Giving event, and click on the TV icon to the right.  Paul J. Davis '77 interviewed alumni, friends, faculty, student leaders, and coaches.  You will also be able to view the performances of the Gadets (dance) and cheer.  It will warm your heart to listen to the wonderful testimonies and see the familiar faces of faculty and staff.