Tuesday, March 5, 2019, was our fourth Day of Giving to Give and Share. We asked alumni and friends to reflect on their Graceland experience, express what they were grateful for on social media and make an appreciation gift. The results were amazing!

A group of alumni, friends and their matching employers stepped up with a pool of matching dollars. Gifts were matched 1:1. That means gifts to our #Grateful4Graceland Day of Giving were doubled!

THANK YOU to our Matching Challenge pool of donors:

  • Sue Bevington '89
  • Gail Hice Brown '63
  • John '61 and Dahna Loeding
  • Judith Moore '60
  • Scott '81 and Heather Ourth
  • Bruce '73 and Judy Laudie '73 Pfohl 
  • Tom '69 and Bobbi Percival '72 Rastle
  • Donald Richards '52 Family
  • Ronald '61 and Pat Gabrielson '64 Trachsel
  • Graceland University Employees

If you would like to make a gift, please visit our Make a Gift Today page. You can also view the Live Stream by following the directions found at the bottom of this page.

Here are some #Grateful4Graceland comments.

"My education opened doors for me professionally! I have a great job at a large hospital - in May, I will celebrate my 20th year! I graduated from Graceland May 1999 and began my job the day after graduation!" - Debra Crecelius '99 Waddell

"Going to Graceland '55-57 was an awesome experience for me. I was from a very poor family. I saved money from grade school through high so I could go to Graceland. I feel God blessed me, so in spite of obstacles, I attended." - Carolyn Robertson '57 Tacy
"We can all make a difference in the world; believe in someone. Graceland was a place where people believed in me...and with that, I have grown into the person I am today...and still growing and becoming all that I can be. Much love to you all." - Deborah Silsby '85 & '05 Pimentel

"Received my degree in teaching, which led me to successful, enjoyable years in that field." - Melissa Hayes '78 Swett

"My (late) husband Dwight Carlile '55 and I both loved Graceland and believe it is a great educational university. It is a "highlight" to be there and make friends as well as being educated on a higher opportunity. Loved Graceland." - Lois Barnhardt '58 Carlile
"I am grateful for Graceland for community spirit, meaningful support of students, great education, and relationships." - Karen Self '67 Quarashi
"Graceland blessed our lives!" - James '69 and Sharon Humphrey '69 Hannah
"I'm grateful for the great people at Graceland I get to work with every day." - Paula Anderson, Graceland Employee

"Graceland is a wonderful community which strives to make the world a better place by uplifting, compassion, caring, sharing and loving. Keep it going!" - Sandra Duke '72 Murphy
"Graceland changed my life! It's where I met my husband and we were married over sixty years." - Alice Folkes '48 Gunn
"We met each other at Graceland some 65 years ago." - Dwight '54 and Doris Brooks '54 Heath
"Graceland shaped the rest of my life. The two years I spent there (1963-65) opened doors of opportunity to grow, created lasting friendships, provided ways to serve - all in a safe and caring environment and a close relationship between students and faculty." - Jeanne Booth '65 Koch

"Graceland gave me a great place to work with great people for the last 16 years, and they educated my husband and my children for meaningful and productive lives!" - Cindy Leveridge-Gregory, Graceland Employee

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Did you miss it?

We recorded the live stream from the Day of Giving so you can go back and watch it on the Stretch Network.  Select the "On Demand" tab and scroll down to the March 5, 2019 Day of Giving event. The TV icon to the right will open up the video.  Paul J. Davis '77 interviewed alumni, friends, faculty, student leaders, and coaches.  You will also be able to view the performances of the symphonic band and choir.  It will warm your heart to listen to the wonderful testimonies and see the familiar faces of faculty and staff.