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Thanks to you and your amazing generosity, we reached our match goal for this year's #Grateful4Graceland Day of Giving! 90% of the $300,000 raised for the Carrying Our Community Through COVID-19 campaign went directly to student scholarships. The remaining 10% allowed Graceland to make safety and technology upgrades necessary for our campus community. Thank you to our matching donors and to each of you for your unwavering commitment to Graceland. Your generous support made the difference during this unprecedented year!

THANK YOU to our Matching Challenge pool of donors:

  • Harry ’70 and Danie Ashenhurst
  • Judy Thomas ’62 Brett
  • Jane Cook ’51 Duckworth
  • Scott ‘61 and Judy Stamos ’61 Harrington
  • John ’61 and Dahna Loeding
  • Judith Moore ‘60
  • Jay ’64 and Cherry Phelps ’65 Newcom
  • Ron ‘61 and Pat Gabrielson ‘64 Trachsel
  • John Whitehurst ‘72

If you would like to make a gift, please visit our Make a Gift Today page.

What people are sharing about #Grateful4Graceland

“My connection with GU came full circle since being a student there 77-80 and then working in the school of education from 2012-19.  I'm forever grateful for the many friendships and degrees earned by two of my children and I. Best wishes for a successful event!” – David Trewhitt ‘80

“It directed me to and prepared me for two full-time careers.” - Arthur L. (Les) Gardner ‘52

“I was able to meet 3 other Graceland Alumni during my tour of duty in Vietnam in 1970, which helped me to survive the war.” - James R MacDonald ‘67

“Wife, Peggy Zmyslony '69 Gordier, and my two daughters, Amy Gordier '98 Kwiat and Kimberly Gordier '94 Reinhardt, attended a great organization and got a super education!” - Gerald Gordier

“I am grateful for the lifelong friendship and fellowship I have from the University--they have continued through my whole life.” - Karen Crowell '73 Chatfield

“Community, Opportunity, Growth.” - Whitman Stanfield-Myers, Senior

“It provided me with a firm foundation for my life.” - Marilyn  Van Trump '47

“Graceland has given our parents, siblings, kids, relatives and us so much over the years.” - Robert Hartnett '79

“I received a great education & life-long friends.” - Linda Kohlman ’73 Thomson

“I am grateful for the compassion and care extended to all students, including my son, during these formative years of maturation.” - Randall Pratt ‘87

“We met each other there!” - Larry ’70 and Sharon Gorker ‘72 Norris

“So many wonderful memories and a great education.” – Holly Inglehart ‘12 Weaver

“Good two years there, making lifetime friends!” - Sandra Axtell ’69 Schubert

“Really appreciated my time on “the hill”.  I have great experience and was able to build lifelong support through networking from my time at Graceland.” - John Godfrey ‘06

“Great school with caring professors and Community of Christ values.” – Joy Evans ‘70

“Over 55 years ago, I spent two years at Graceland. My professors were dedicated, motivated, and approachable, and my classmates came from around the world. My education there fueled my passion for other cultures and languages, as well as a pursuit of excellence, rigor in academic research, and it provided a foundation for future intellectual, social, and spiritual growth and development.” - Sue Ann Allen ‘68

“My husband Tom ‘75 and I met there and our son, Brian ‘01, attended.  We are thankful for the opportunities GU provided for us!” – Julia Snider ’76 Jowett

“Graceland provided a sound educational and personal foundation for my life and I will always be grateful for that.” - Roger Reid ‘60

“I found my wife, Janet Monroe ’75 Fairchild, and many great friends there.  We have a family tradition of attending Graceland.” - James Fairchild ’73

“I met my companion, Doris Brooks ‘54 Heath, there! - Dwight Heath ‘54

“A great place for education.” - Mike ’69 and Eleanor Rasmussen ’69 Bessonette

“Graduated from Graceland College in 1977.” – Katherine Steinberg ‘77 Hitchings

“48 years of steady uninterrupted employment as a nurse!” – Allen ‘70 and Leslie Botts ‘73 Rogers

“Longstanding relationships first made at Graceland.” - Carolyn Cunningham ’51 Weeks

“I use the education I received at Graceland every day of my life, personally and professionally.” - Debra Crecelius ’99 Waddell

“#1 I met my wife Ramona Jenson ‘63 Collins…the best thing that ever happened to me.  #2 Introduced to wrestling and became a 2 time All-American and I got a wrestling assistantship that paid for my Masters and PhD.  Thank you Graceland!  And I have 3 grandkids at Graceland now!” - Gary Collins ‘63

“Too many to list!  Graceland is one of my first loves!’ - Gretchen Berg ’55 Booz

“I made forever friends while at Graceland!” – William Campbell ‘71

“GU Friends, Residence Life” - Richard Foster ‘16

“For the thousands of students- past, present and future that are making the world a better place and for the faculty and staff who guide them!” – President Patricia Draves

“Because I had an awesome experience there.” - Marcia Collins ’99 D'Oyly

“We both graduated from Graceland, along with some of our kids.” – Lloyd ‘51 and Joan Fenn ‘49 Slaght

“Graceland changed my life and the lives of my family members for the better.  The education we received continues to impact my family in positive ways.  I'm happy to help others experience Graceland.” - Peggy Cracraft ’96 Sturdevant

“Graceland helped make me who I am!” - Eric Vogelsang ‘82

“I am grateful for the long-lasting relationships Graceland has brought me and my family. Graceland cares about their students, and I was fortunate to have friends become like family.” - Carley McClain ’16 Tankerlsey

“I am grateful for giving me a new life. I was born in Lamoni. Thanks for letting me become part of this amazing family.” - Arturo Vega ‘01

“Loving, caring staff and students.  Life long friends, goals and opportunities.”  - Judith Cleveland ‘59 Loyd

“I had a great College Experience!  I want to share with my alma-mater that the Amish Country Store is doing well.” - Jeremy Sellars ‘91

“I’m grateful for all of the wonderful friends I made and continue to have contact with, as well as a wonderful man who was my husband for over 56 years.” - Brenda Shaw ’64 Mitchell

“For the way it enriches the lives of all those involved: students, faculty, administration and staff.” - Lorrie Long ‘65

“Forever connections with Graceland!” – Carrol Stanley ‘54 McCans

Graceland gave me some of the best experiences of my life. I was in Patroness and made so many friends and many of which are still living and I'm still in touch with today. My children and my grandchildren attend there as well and our family is very grateful! – Cheryl Davis ‘58 Zabel

“Happiest two years of my life.” - Arthur Butler ‘64

“Just am! Love my friends!” - Paul Davis ‘77

“Thank you for the great memories -- tennis & soccer!” - D. Eric Melton ‘92

“Thankful for GU experience.” - A. Jack  Knapp II ‘73

“Graceland gave me the courage to get up in front of people and step forward in ministry.” - Diana Worthington '53 Guthrie

“I appreciated the small college atmosphere, personal professors who cared, dorm system, and friends for life!” -  Suzette Dugdale '84 Ryder

“I met my mate, Lonnie, at Graceland and am happily married for over 50 years!  Loved my time at Graceland!” –  Carol Knittle '67  Mair

“I spent 5 wonderful years there as a student.” – Walter Davis '67

“It provided me a strong educational foundation.”  – G Dale Argotsinger '50

“Memories!”  - Kathleen Walker '66 Parks

“Gerald and I met there, then got married more than 40 years later.”  -  Jennifer Ritchie '74 Seeley