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Annual Report 2021-22

Since 1895, the generosity of our alumni and friends has helped Graceland University become a leader in higher education. Building on our heritage and values, focusing on the needs of students, and preparing graduates for professional success and meaningful lives, every donation ensures we send out Gracelanders who create the positive changes we need in our world.

The power of together means it takes each one of us to fulfill the mission of Graceland to create learning communities where students develop their potential for meaningful and productive lives. Thank you for your unwavering support of Graceland and our students. We gratefully acknowledge those who have partnered with us to provide a strong liberal art learning environment—at our main residential campus in Lamoni, our Independence campus and through our online programs. Your commitment to philanthropy today means our students can do more with their tomorrow.

Kristi HettrickThank you!

Kristi Hettrick

Kristi Hettrick
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Financial Highlights – 2021-21

Revenue Sources

Financial Highlights - Revenue Sources


Revenue For 2020-21 – Graceland University received $17,064,253 or 30.7% from Net Tuition and Fees; $2,721,909 or 4.9% from Government Gifts and Contracts; $10,832,857 or 19.5% from Private Gifts, Grants and Contracts; $18,468,123 or 33.2% from Investment Income, included net from Subsidiary – The Graceland College Center for Professional Development and Lifelong Learning (SkillPath); $6,000,793 or 10.8% from Sales and Services of Auxiliary Enterprises; and  $458,538 or 0.8% from Other Sources for a total of $55,556,473.

Use of Funds

Financial Highlights - Use of Funds chart


Use of Funds For 2020-21 – Graceland University used $10,405,705 or 38.3% for Instruction; $1,214,914 or 4.5% for Pubic Service; $1,752,799 or 6.5% for Academic Support; $7,646,963 or s28.2% for Academic Support; $8,119,196 or 29.9% for Institutional Support; $4,260,266 or 15.7% for Auxiliary Support; and gained $6,240,473 or minus 23% for Minimum Pension Liability Adjustments for a total of $27,159,370.

Change in Net Assets


Endowment Growth and Distribution

Memorial Gifts

  • In memory of...

    Norman Amsberry
    Lorene Bowser
    Dr. David B. Carmichael, Jr.
    Laurence A. Carpenter
    James T. Closson
    Maurice A. Coffman
    Hale Collins
    Dr. Harold L. Condit
    Carl E. Fenn
    Loretta Fields
    Angela Gould Brenton
    Joe E. Hanna
    Frank S. Hough
    Mary Lou Hunter
    Mabel Carlile Hyde
    Jacqueline R. Isberg
    Ralph A. Jensen II
    Robert L. Johnson
    Sandra Johnson
    Gerald L. Knutson
    Earl Koonce
    Lois E. Lewis
    Dean W. Limric
    Gregory C. McGowen
    Thomas J. Morain
    Doris L. Nelson
    Stephen C. Peck
    Joan Pratt
    Jerie Gail Ramsey
    Velma Ruch
    Katherine McLaughlin Rustan
    Rod Schaal
    Rod Schall
    Veneta F. Snethen
    Carolyn Spain
    Lottie Wallace Knee Stageman
    Vince Stowell
    Ralph L. Strait
    Anthony D. Sturdevant
    Karen F. Willard
    Myron L. Willard
    R.D. Wilmot
    Ray D. Zinser
    Louis C. Zonker

Gifts to Honor

  • In honor of...

    Shane M. Adams
    Cal C. Closson
    Pam Combs
    Jerry Hampton
    Zachary Harmon-McLaughlin
    Rick Isham
    Eloise Snider
    Wade & Ann Weddle Wallace
    Wendell & Lillian Wallace