Congratulations, Graduates!

The hard work and accomplishments you have strived for over these past years here at Graceland deserve to be recognized. It is extremely important to all of us in your Graceland family that your memory of your time on the hill be given proper closure with a ceremony that celebrates all that you have achieved.

To that end, we are excited to share with you that Graceland will hold the Spring Virtual 2020 Commencement ceremony on the Saturday, Oct 3, 2020. 

Complete details are yet to fully be determined, but seniors set to walk this spring will have the choice to be recognized in a rescheduled commencement ceremony Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020. In order to provide the most flexibility, seniors may also choose to walk in the Fall 2020 (December) or Spring 2021 ceremony. 

The links on this page will assist you in making your graduation events run smoothly.

We look forward to seeing you at this memorable graduation event.

Patricia H. Draves, PhD

For further assistance, please contact
Pam Worlund
Ph: 641.784.5114