Gleazer School of Education Undergraduate Programs

2019-20 Tuition and Fees

Bachelor of Education Programs

Independence, Missouri Campus
Lamoni, Iowa Campus

Tuition $ 370.00          semester hour
Background Check $ 35.00 one time
Campus Fee (Independence Campus) $ 75.00 year
C-BASE Testing Fee $ 60.00  
Education Technology Fee (nonrefundable) $ 110.00 year
iPad Initiative Fee (nonrefundable) $ 700.00 one time
Program Support Fee (online courses) $ 18.00 course
Student Teaching Fee $ 185.00  

Additional costs may result if Student Teaching outside a 40 mile radius of either the Lamoni or Independence campus.

(Elementary, Secondary and K-12 education majors, State of Iowa requires PRAXIS Testing. Charges for this are paid directly to the testing service.)

For more information regarding additional fees, please see General Fees.