Courses in Recreation

+ RECR1100 Introduction to Leisure Services 3 s.h.
Examines the purpose and function of leisure services delivered by governmental and private agencies. Introduction to department curriculum and student professional involvement. Additional fee required. Course is prerequisite to all upper division courses.

+ RECR1210 Theory and Practice of Leadership 3 s.h.
Designed to help students develop creative leadership methods and techniques that can be applied to all leisure settings with a variety of groups.

RECR2000 Individual Study 1-3 s.h.

+ RECR2500 Fieldwork in Recreation 3 s.h.
A minimum of 120 clock hours work experience in an approved leisure service setting. An orientation to the leisure service profession. Prerequisite: Prior consent of coordinator.

RECR3000 Individual Study 1-3 s.h.

+ RECR3350 Sport Facility Management 3 s.h.
Explores problems, principles, and techniques of management, design, and operation of selected elite sport, mass sport and recreation facilities.

+ RECR3360 Outdoor Education (Also EDUC3360) 3 s.h.
The organization, administration, and program activities of outdoor education in the school curriculum and other community agencies.

+ RECR3400 The Program Process: Principle and Application 3 s.h.
Explores the purpose and functions of programs, planning, principles, objectives, organizational behavior, and evaluation. Translation of program theory into practical situations. Opportunity to explore and experiment with programs through 25-hour laboratory exercise.

+RECR3500 Life and Leisure 3 s.h.
An introduction to the broad range of historic and philosophic perspectives which have shaped and continue to influence perceptions of leisure in present life settings. Students will be asked to thoroughly examine personal views in light of these perspectives with an objective of establishing a tentative base of concepts from which to operate as a leisure service professional. Prerequisite: RECR1100.

+ RECR3900 Topics in Recreation 1-3 s.h.
Study of selected topics in recreation, to be announced prior to the semester when the course is offered. May be repeated for credit as topics change. Prerequisite: RECR1100.

RECR4000 Individual Study 1-3 s.h.

+ RECR4400 Administration in Parks and Recreation 3 s.h.
Provides basis for understanding the administrative process related to delivery of leisure services. Explores legal foundations, management systems and principles, organizational behavior, and evaluation. Prerequisite: RECR1100.

+ RECR4500 Practicum in Recreation 3-12 s.h.
Twelve hours to be taken concurrently. Laboratory field experience provides for practical application of knowledge and theory in a professional setting. Student acquires experience in all phases of leisure service delivery with highly qualified personnel in a selected agency with college faculty supervision. Repeatable to a maximum of twelve hours. Prerequisites: Approval of coordinator and RECR1100.

+Denotes an alternate year course.