Policy for Individual Study Programs

Individual study programs are self-directed learning experiences designed and carried out by the student with minimal assistance from others. Programs may be proposed for 1-3 s.h. credit as a means of meeting the student's specific educational objectives beyond the regular course offerings. Individual study programs are not normally designed to replace regularly offered courses and are not normally available to freshmen unless ability to perform independently can be demonstrated.

  1. 2000 level - a sophomore-level project designed for general exploration.
  2. 3000 level - a junior/senior-level project of some significant focus and depth.
  3. 4000 level - a senior-level project in a student's major.

Before registering for an individual study program, the study must be described in writing, endorsed by the supervising instructor and approved by the division or school's Committee for Individual Study.

Programs of individual study are to be guided by the following policies:

  1. Individual study may appropriately replace free elective hours in a student's program, but will not normally be submitted for general education requirements.
  2. A student with a cumulative grade point average below 2.50 will have to petition the Curricular Adjustment Committee for permission to enroll for individual study programs.
  3. The number of hours credit and grading policy must be included in the program proposal when it is submitted for division or school approval. Individual studies are available on either a pass/fail or a letter graded basis.
  4. Credit hours for individual study projects may range from one to three semester hours.
  5. The Individual Study Committee may grant approval for an individual study to satisfy a specific course requirement in the major, subject to the endorsement of the appropriate division or school and/or its delegate representative.
  6. The student must meet periodically with the faculty member sponsoring the study program.
  7. Freshman may enroll in individual study projects if ability to perform independently can be determined or has been demonstrated.
  8. Individual study projects may be undertaken any time during the semester so long as the student's formal proposal to the division or school's Individual Study Committee precedes the end of the term by at least three weeks for each semester hour of credit to be received.
  9. Individual study projects will be completed during the term they are begun.