Courses in Physics

The number of lecture hours and lab hours are noted next to the titles of courses that have labs (lecture hours-lab hours).

PHYS1410 Elements of Physics I (3-2) 4 s.h.
An elementary physics course emphasizing the fundamental concepts associated with the physical universe. Topics include Newtonian mechanics, fluids, heat thermodynamics, wave motion, and sound. Designed to meet the needs of biology majors and students preparing for the medical profession and related fields. Prerequisites: Two years high school algebra and one year geometry; plane trigonometry recommended. Goal 1A

PHYS1420 Elements of Physics II (3-2) 4 s.h.
A continuation of PHYS1410. Topics included are electricity, magnetism, electromagnetic waves, light, relativity, quantum mechanics, and nuclear physics. Prerequisite: PHYS1410. Goal 1A

 +Denotes an alternate year course.