Essential Education Curriculum

Learning Outcome Four: Global Learning
Students will be able to use a disciplinary perspective and tools of analysis to articulate an understanding of the interconnections (such as social, economic, political, religious, and environmental) of the world community, along with the global conditions and systems that affect the well-being of human communities and ecosystems. Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to constantly question the source of their cultural assumptions and ethical judgments, leading to the habit of seeing things through the eyes of others.

  • 3 s.h. from the following list of courses approved for this outcome by the Essential Education Committee
       Sustainability Theme
       AGRI1200 Sustainable International Agriculture
       SOCI3100 Environment and Society
       Equality Theme
       POLS2360 The Politics of Immigration
       SPAN3110 Hispanic Cinema
       SPAN3120 Hispanic Literatures
       SPAN3220 Unheard Voices
       SPAN3240 Literature, Visual Culture, and Digital Media in the Hispanic Caribbean
       World Citizenship Theme
       ECON3440 International Economics
       POLS/GEOG/INTD1200 Introduction to International Studies
       PSYC3370 Cross Cultural Psychology
       Peace Theme
       PEAC/POLS3220 Global Peace Issues
       POLS3300 Politics and Religion
       Innovation Theme
       CSIT1080 Technology in a Changing World
       EDUC2100 Technology Application in Education
Approved course descriptions:

AGRI1200 Sustainable International Agriculture 3 s.h.
Sustainable International Agriculture explores global issues, incremental and transformative steps toward sustainable agriculture, international development opportunities, current agricultural industries, educational pathways, and career options. Content includes emphasis on understanding the need for agricultural infrastructure and production, embracing sustainability, and appreciating broad-based, liberating (essential) education. ELO4 Global Learning - Sustainability

CSIT1080 Technology in a Changing World 3 s.h.
A study of technology and its effects on the world. The world is connected by technology and how its connecting us is critical to how we live today. Knowing how to handle technology and make it work effectively will be increasingly important for the future. Exploration will include how technology impacts our world in both a positive and negative sense. The ethical use of technology will be explored. Students will understand how to solve simple programming problems. ELO4 Global Learning - Innovation

+ ECON3440 International Economics 3 s.h.
Theories of international trade, foreign exchange markets, resource movements and international economic policies. Prerequisite: ECON1300. Goal 1C, ELO4 Global Learning - World Citizenship

EDUC2100 Technology Applications in Education 3 s.h.
A hands-on course with a focus on the effective and appropriate use of technologies commonly used in the professional world and the field of education. This includes use of office applications, developing and working with multimedia such as video, podcasts, and professional audio recording, creating web pages, using cutting edge social media communications tools for marketing and communication, and extensive use of still and video cameras, audio recording tools, smartboards and tablet technologies. ELO4 Global Learning - Innovation

+PEAC3220 Global Peace Issues (Also POLS3220) 3 s.h.
Focuses on the causes and resolution of conflict at the macro level (global violence and international peacemaking). ELO4 Global Learning - Peace

POLS1200 Introduction to International Studies (also GEOG/INTD1200) 3 s.h.
An overview of the major disciplines represented in the International Studies major. This course will also offer an introduction to contemporary global concerns through a study of current political, economic, and social issues. Discussion of important global issues will lead to a more critical analysis of news and an awareness of the responsibilities of national and international citizenship. Goal 4, ELO4 Global Learning - World Citizenship

POLS2360 The Politics of Immigration 3 s.h.
Examines immigration in an interdisciplinary way, focusing on how politics affects, obscures or exacerbates inequalities of power, wealth and safety among immigrant populations worldwide. Explores motives for migration across or within states, the means by which people migrate, and the reception immigrants receive in their destination countries. Goal 1B, ELO4 Global Learning - Equality

+ POLS3300 Politics and Religion 3 s.h.
Addresses longstanding issues of religion's involvement in domestic and international politics. It will place a critical focus on how the major religious traditions think of the appropriate relationship of religion to society and politics, the history of how different religious groups participate in the political process, the ways that political leaders use religion as a source of legitimacy, and changing religious values due to globalization. A particular emphasis will be placed upon the contemporary political relationship between religion and a growing secularism worldwide. Prerequisite: Any lower division course in History, Political Science, Religion, or instructor's consent. Goal 1B, ELO4 Global Learning - Peace

PSYC3370 Cross Cultural Psychology 3 s.h.
Study of psychological theories and empirical findings relating to variations in cultures. Goal 4, ELO4 Global Learning - World Citizenship

SOCI3100 Environment and Society 3 s.h.
Examines environmental concerns and issues such as environmental justice, wilderness preservation, sustainability, peak oil, environmental security, green consumption, conservation crime, oil spills, and fracking. Ecological hope and despair, that is, the question of emotional sustainability in the face of issues that seem beyond one's individual control, are explored throughout. Goal 1C, ELO4 Global Learning - Sustainability

SPAN3110 Hispanic Cinema 3 s.h.
Designed to enhance students' knowledge of Hispanic culture through selected Spanish-speaking films. Prerequisite: SPAN2440. Goal 4, ELO4 Global Learning - Equality

SPAN3120 Hispanic Literatures 3 s.h.
Designed to enhance students' knowledge of Hispanic culture through selected pieces of literature from different parts of the Spanish-speaking world. Prerequisite: SPAN2440. Goal 4, ELO4 Global Learning - Equality

SPAN3220 Unheard Voices 3 s.h.
Explores representations of vulnerability in Latin American cultural production, particularly short narrative and film. Discusses the diversity of vulnerable experiences among unheard sectors of Latin American societies with a focus on women, afrolatinos, and the LGBTQ+ community. Taught in Spanish. Instructor approval required. Goal 4, ELO4 Global Learning – Equality

Note: Since this course is taught in Spanish, an intermediate-high proficiency level in Spanish is recommended for non-minor students.

SPAN3240 Literature, Visual Culture, and Digital Media in the Hispanic Caribbean 3 s.h.
Explores contemporary literature, visual culture, and digital media in translation produced in the Hispanic Caribbean (Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic). Through the examination of literary, digital, and visual materials, including narrative prose, paintings, murals, films, and performances, students will be exposed to multiple interpretations (new and traditional) of concepts such as citizenship and gender, sexual, and racial identities in the Hispanic Caribbean and its diasporas, particularly in the United States. Taught in English. Goal 4, ELO4 Global Learning – Equality


+ Denotes an alternate year course.