Essential Education Curriculum

Learning Outcome Five: Knowledge of Human Cultures - Social Science
Students will be able to apply knowledge and methodologies from diverse fields (arts, humanities, social science, and histories) to explain, analyze and reflect upon human experiences. This involves the ability to identify patterns in human behaviors and cultures, noting commonalities and differences and the ability to creatively produce works that synthesize these concepts.

  • 3 s.h. Social Science from list of courses approved for this outcome by the Essential Education Committee
      Sustainability Theme
       ECON1300 Principles of Macroeconomics
       PSYC3360 Environmental Psychology
      Equality Theme
       ECON3200 Public Finance
       PSYC2250 Developmental Psychology
       SOCI1300 Introduction to Sociology
      World Citizenship Theme
       ECON1320 Principles of Microeconomics
       HIST/POLS3460 United States Foreign Relations
      Peace Theme
       CRMJ2400 Introduction to Criminal Justice
       SOCI2200 Environmental Crime
       SOCI3120 Sociological Studies of Policing
      Innovation Theme
       ECON/GEOG3280 Economic Development
       POLS1300 United States Government
       PSYC1300 Introductory Psychology
Approved course descriptions:

CRMJ2400 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 s.h.
A survey of the structure and process of the criminal justice system, including the study of law enforcement, criminal courts, and correctional agencies. ELO5 Social Science - Peace

ECON1300 Principles of Macroeconomics 3 s.h.
Analysis of the fundamental principles of the American economic system, centering on price, national income, international trade and finance, fiscal policy, monetary policy, money, and banking. Prerequisite: 1 year high school algebra; geometry recommended. Goal 1C, ELO5 Social Science - World Citizenship

ECON1320 Principles of Microeconomics 3 s.h.
Analysis of the fundamental principles of the American economic system, centering on price, production, market structures, and a survey of contemporary economic problems, e.g. sustainability. Goal 1C, ELO5 Social Science - Sustainability

+ ECON3200 Public Finance 3 s.h.
An examination of the taxation policies and expenditure programs of the public sector. Related topics include public goods, income distribution, and public choice theory. Prerequisite: ECON1320. Goal 1C, ELO5 Social Science - Equality.  Offered odd years Spring.

ECON3280 Economic Development (also GEOG3280) 3 s.h.
A survey of various analytic approaches to the problem of economic development in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and an examination of their significant policy problems. Goal 4, ELO5 Social Science - Innovation

+ HIST3460 United States Foreign Relations (Also POLS3460) 3 s.h.
A history of the interaction of the United States with the people and governments of foreign nations from 1898 to the present. Topics include US imperial ambitions, the world wars, the Cold War, and US concerns with foreign nationalist movements. Goal 1B, ELO5 Social Science - World Citizenship

POLS1300 United States Government 3 s.h.
The nature, philosophy, and history of the United States federal system with major consideration given to the national government, its organization, and the interrelation and functions of its component parts. A consideration of the political processes and legal concepts implicit in the American government. Goal 1B, ELO5 Social Science - Innovation

PSYC1300 Introductory Psychology 3 s.h.
An introductory survey of psychological methods and thoughts as they relate to human experience and behavior. Topics include the role of the central nervous system in mediating behavior, learning and memory, states of awareness, motivation and emotion, personality, psychological disorders, and therapy. Goal 1C, ELO5 Social Science - Innovation

PSYC2250 Developmental Psychology 3 s.h.
The study of human development over the entire lifespan. Focus is on the interaction of physical, intellectual, social, and emotional aspects of development. Prerequisite: PSYC1300. Goal 1C, ELO5 Social Science - Equality

+ PSYC3360 Environmental Psychology 3 s.h.
Examination of the ways in which psychology impacts conservation, population, design, and sustainability issues in both natural and built environments. Interactive activity with ongoing campus sustainability programs is a feature of the course. Goal 1C, ELO5 Social Science - Sustainability

SOCI1300 Introduction to Sociology 3 s.h.
Introduction to the perspective of sociology, its basic concepts and principles and an overview of the field.Includes study of social classes, sex roles, crime and deviance, socialization, social movements and others. Goal 1C, ELO5 Social Science - Equality

SOCI2200 Environmental Crime
Explores various environmental harms from a criminological perspective. Students will learn about the development of and key ideas and debates within the field of green criminology and related crime-and-environment disciplines. ELO5 Social Science - Peace

SOCI3120 Sociological Studies of Policing 3 s.h.
Explores the sociological literature on policing. Examines studies of types of policing, police- citizen encounters, police discretion, use of force, police brutality, police culture, police organizational structure and change, effects of new technologies on police work, police corruption, experiences of female officers, and experiences of minority officers. ELO5 Social Science - Peace


+ Denotes an alternate year course.

++ Denotes a course on a four-year cycle.