Final Examinations

All classes will meet during final examination week for a meaningful,educational experience, i.e., examination, presentations, discussion, lecture, etc. Scheduled examination times will be published in each course syllabus and the Schedule of Classes.

Students having more than two final examinations on a single day, as evidenced by the Final Examination Schedule, should be permitted to reschedule their examinations so as not to exceed two examinations on a single day. However, rescheduling will not be permitted for the first two exams on a single day based on the final exam schedule. The rescheduling needs to be determined before the last day of classes for the semester. If arrangements cannot be made on an informal basis, the Dean of Faculty will initiate a request for the student to be granted relief from having to take more than two exams on a single day. Travel arrangements are not justification for requesting changes in the final examinations schedules.