Career Planning

Courses in Career Planning

CRPL1100 Career Perspectives and the World of Work 1 s.h.
Designed to involve students in the early phases of career planning and will include self-exploration, career options and the world of work. Additional fee required. Prerequisite: Open to freshmen and sophomores only or instructor's consent.

CRPL3100 Future Focus and the Job Search 1 s.h.
Designed for the student who has chosen a career direction, and is now ready for the job search process: resumé writing, cover letters, networking and prospecting are included. Additional fee required.

CRPL3150 Internship in Career Services 0-3 s.h.
Field experience providing practical application of knowledge and theory in a professional setting with qualified personnel. This internship offers an opportunity for a student to be exposed to an learn about career services, work with college students regarding internships and job searches, and market those services to targeted groups. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing. Satisfactory academic standing with a minimum GPA of 2.50. Placement needs approval by the Career Services Coordinator. May be repeated once for credit. (Graded on a Pass/Fail basis.)