Academic Forgiveness

Graceland University enables undergraduate students who have not earned a baccalaureate degree an opportunity for continuing their university education by forgiving past unsatisfactory academic performance.


    1. After a minimum of five calendar years have elapsed since the requested credits were attempted, and after the student has completed at least 12 semester hours with a grade point average of 2.50 or above, he/she may request that the previous performance be forgiven.
    2. One or two sessions may be forgiven. Academic forgiveness does not apply to the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements in place to maintain eligibility for federal and state student financial aid. However, academic forgiveness may be cited as a mitigating factor in a student’s appeal for financial aid probation.
    3. Upon approval, all attempted courses for the requested session(s), including courses with grades of A, B, and/or C, are removed from all grade point average calculations and earned hours. However, the courses will remain on the academic record with appropriate notations regarding the academic forgiveness.
    4. Forgiven credits may not be used to apply toward graduation requirements.
    5. Students, who have been forgiven credits, do not qualify for the Gold Seal for Scholarship upon graduation from Graceland University.
    6. A maximum of one request for academic forgiveness will be allowed during a student’s enrollment at Graceland University.
    7. Academic forgiveness granted at Graceland University may or may not be recognized by other colleges and universities.
    8. After approval, a request for academic forgiveness cannot be rescinded.
    9. The Curricular Adjustment Committee is responsible for reviewing and acting on the request. The action of the Curricular Adjustment Committee is final.
    1. Requests for academic forgiveness are made by the student on the Graceland University Academic Forgiveness Request form, and submitted to InfoCentral or the Registrar’s Office.
    2. The Registrar verifies that the student qualifies for academic forgiveness based on policy guidelines, and forwards the request to the Curricular Adjustment Committee for action.
    3. After action is taken by the Curricular Adjustment Committee, the Registrar adjusts the student’s record, if appropriate, and informs the student of the action.