Welcome Home!

As a part of the Student Life team, Campus Ministries seeks to help students find a spiritual home while at Graceland University. 

A spiritual home is a courageous space where each individual can explore and deepen their relationship with the divine. A disciple of Jesus Christ can practice and experience Christ's mission of compassion, evangelism, justice, peacemaking and discipleship. Campus Ministries is a partnership with Community of Christ (www.cofchrist.org), the founding and sponsoring church of Graceland University.

The Enduring Principles of Community of Christ are at the core of who we are and what we do:


  • Grace and generosity
  • Sacredness of creation
  • Continuing revelation
  • Worth of all persons
  • All are called
  • Responsible choices
  • Pursuit of peace
  • Unity in diversity
  • Blessings of community

Campus Ministries seeks to build community, share faith and create peace. It is much more than just our slogan. Together with students, faculty and staff, we are called to build community in our houses, through our ministries and across campus; to share faith through worship, education, action and interfaith experiences; to work for justice in such a way that we create peace for the world, our campus, one another and ourselves; to equip ourselves and others for service; and to experience and engage first-hand in mission.

Get involved. Campus Ministries offers many ways to get involved. While we continue to seek new ways of doing things, our current ministries and activities include

  • Sunday morning worship -
    Student lead worship centered on the Revised Common Lectionary grounded in the Community of Christ tradition and hymnody utilizing the gifts of students, faculty and staff.
  • Afterglow (Sunday evening worship) -
    Student-led worship with a student band that shares a message and music with a mission.
  • SafeRide -
    The Graceland University SafeRide program provides transportation to campus within a 10-mile radius of Graceland's Lamoni campus. Operation hours are from 10 p.m.-3 a.m. Friday and Saturday evenings while the University is in session.
  • Wednesday night activities -
    Events include Chautauqua (Community of Christ focused), Coffee & Tea Talks (co-sponsored with the Intercultural Office), Mass (by St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Student Center/Drake University) and special events.
  • Interfaith -
    Presentations, discussions and activities once a month, which focus on interfaith dialogue, understanding and cooperation.
  • Pastoral care and support -
    Campus Ministries offers pastoral care and support for students including spiritual guidance and financial assistance for food, clothing and other basic living needs related to university life.

Our team includes a number of students in three capacities:

CHC (Council of House Chaplains) - The 17 elected House chaplains and the CHC president are called to build community, share faith, and create justice and peace in their respective houses, in the residence halls, and campus-wide through creativity and collaboration. The CHC serves in an advisory role to the campus minister. Chaplains are an important part of the House Council of each house.

CMA (Campus Ministries Associates) - This group of student employees is responsible for a wide-range of services and ministries on campus. It includes student pastors, Sunday morning worship coordinators, Afterglow coordinators, music and technology specialists, Wednesday night coordinator, SafeRide coordinator and assistants, interfaith coordinator, and Council of House Chaplains support specialists. Positions may change year-to-year based on student interests, needs and giftedness.

InSpire, Community of Christ Missional Ministry and Leadership Program - Students in InSpire develop and demonstrate life-long ministry and leadership skills providing ministry on campus through Missional Ministry and Leadership Practicum (RELG1700/RELG3700). It is available each semester for credit with all resources provided through the generosity of Community of Christ members and friends. InSpire graduates are recognized for their participation in the program at baccalaureate.

To find out more about our ministries, activities and services, please drop by and see us in the Student Life Suite, join our group on Facebook, or call or email us. Blessings.

Nathan Mack, Graduate Assistant for Campus Ministries
office: 641.784.5061 | email: nmack@graceland.edu

Mike Hoffman, Campus Minister
office: 641.784.5466 | cell: 641.223.0675 | email: mhoffman@graceland.edu



**Graceland University is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

If you wish to file a Civil Rights program complaint of discrimination, complete the USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form, found online at https://www.ascr.usda.gov/ad-3027-usda-program-discrimination-complaint-form or at any USDA office, or call (866) 632-9992 to request the form.  You may also write a letter containing all of the information requested in the form.  Send your completed complaint form or letter to us by mail at U.S. Department of Agriculture, Director, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410, by fax (202) 690-7442 or email at program.intake@usda.gov.