What I Wish I Knew as a Freshman

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Student Perspective

July 19, 2017

We asked a group of students involved in the peer mentoring program at Graceland University what they wish they would have known when beginning their college career at Graceland. Here is what they told us:

I wish I hadn’t said ‘no’ to many activities.
I wish I would have focused on time management and talked to my professors more.
It’s busy, and it was hard to say ‘no.’
Talk to professors, cause it makes a huge impact.
I wish I would have known how busy it would be.
I wish I would have known to talk to professors more and how important it was.
I wish I would have thought to find my classrooms ahead of time.
I wish I would have found my classes and where other resources were on campus sooner.

High school freaks you out about college… Ask for help, and get a tutor!
College is not as bad as high school said it would be.
Use tutoring!
High school made it sound so bad. Don’t be afraid to get a tutor.
I wish I would have created a journal.
Transitioning into college work from high school work was a bit hard.
I wish I would have been more prepared to handle stress.
Join clubs and be involved!

Don’t stress yourself out but rather include yourself.
Network with faculty!
Don’t stress yourself out but be involved with Graceland. Be social, and continue to network.
Do as much as you can, put yourself out there, get outside of your comfort zone.
Reach out to people you don’t know.
Build relationships with teachers.

Go to class. If you go, you won’t fail.
Build a relationship with all professors.
Go to class.
Build relationships with instructors.
Go to class; it’s not worth wasting the money!
I wish I had a better grasp on time management: filling up time and using it wisely.
Take advantage of tutoring, because it was very helpful!
Use a planner to schedule homework and other assignments. It will help prevent the bad habit of procrastinating.
Be outgoing, don’t worry about what people will think.

Be here. Build relationships with friends.
Be outgoing and talk less to friends back home, cause you’ll want to go back home.
Online schooling is a huge thing and great for labs.
Emailing in college is important!
Use the Graceland email!
I wish I would have had better time management with class hours and homework.

Make smarter decisions with your sleep schedule.
Attendance counts!
Calendars are your best friend!
It’s not all about making friends every day. Know your priorities!
Join clubs and be more involved with things outside of your dorm hall.
Meet different types of people and become more diverse.
Focus on time management with juggling certain tasks and responsibilities.

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