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June 19, 2023 | Colby Connely

The Alumni Board of Directors is a passionate group of individuals who strive to promote the welfare of the University and foster a close, mutually beneficial relationship between the University, its alumni, and friends.


The board supports the president, trustees, faculty, staff, and students in advancing Graceland’s mission. On March 24-25, 2023, the Alumni Board gathered in Lamoni to meet with stakeholders at the institution and to welcome eight new board members to the team. Each board member is eligible to serve two four-year terms. There are various committees within the Alumni Board of Directors and several officer positions, including a President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. Meet our newest Alumni Board members and read their reasons for volunteering.

Jenny BogdaJENNY BOGDA ’12

“I understand the importance of a strong alumni base, and I would love to represent Graceland in this setting. My experience as a transfer student and my time working in higher education will provide a unique perspective for the board. I have always wanted to give back to Graceland, and I am excited about this new opportunity.”


Jeremy DeemerJEREMY DEEMER ’18

“Coming from Lamoni, I understand how necessary it is for Graceland to succeed for the overall wellness of Southern Iowa. I am passionate about making sure local teens understand Graceland is an exceptional option, and it provides many unique opportunities. I want Graceland student-athletes to understand how they can translate their collegiate career to professional success.”


Dylan FoxDYLAN FOX ’21

When “I was Academic Student Council President as a student, I enjoyed partnering with the Alumni Board to set up discussions and events between students and alumni. Many students expressed their gratitude for participating in these and developing new connections. Now that I have graduated, I am happy to transition to the other side of this relationship. Graceland taught me that I enjoy helping others and how I can find my own success in the success of others.”


John GodfreyJOHN GODFREY ’06

“Graceland was one of the most transformative experiences of my life. At Graceland, I was able to grow as a young adult, form lifelong friendships, and pursue leadership experiences that have been a foundation for my current success. Being connected to my alma mater and pulling in more participation from my age demographic is important to me.”


Collin IshamCOLLIN ISHAM ’11

“I wanted to join the alumni board for the university that set my life in motion. While Graceland may not be for everyone, anyone that chooses to go to GU (Graceland University) can find success afterward. Graceland needs to continue pushing itself to keep up with other schools, and I would like to help share the university that helped shape me.”


Allie KaminskiALLIE KAMINSKI ’16

“I owe so much to Graceland for where I am today because of the start the institution gave me. Joining the alumni board is a way I can give back to the place that gave me so much. I would love to help make a lasting impact on Graceland and its current/future students like those did before me.”


Melissa ShererMELISSA SHERER ’18

“I am extremely interested in building a strong talent pipeline of Graceland graduates, both in connecting students to future roles and preparing them to succeed in interviews. A Graceland grad helped me get connected to my first role out of Graceland, and I have helped connect two more grads to full-time roles. I love Graceland and care deeply about its continued success. I want to support Graceland by helping recent graduates land excellent jobs through connections and interview prep.”


Peter WilkinsonPETER WILKINSON ’93

“I want to give back to the school and community that has given so much to me over the years. I thoroughly enjoyed all four years of my time at Graceland and married my college sweetheart. I have had a fairly successful career, and I think Graceland prepared me for that success. I am excited to participate in the alumni board and bring my expertise in the marketing and healthcare fields.”

Do you desire an opportunity to get back on “the Hill” and reconnect with your alma mater? Consider joining the Alumni Board of Directors or participate in one of GU4U’s networking events! Find out more: graceland.edu/AlumniBoard

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