Sticks Heritage Collection artwork: Graceland Forever, with logos and icons of different clubs and activities on the Lamoni campus

Sticks Heritage Collection

A multi-generational team of alumni gathered to give their ideas for artists to create an image that encompasses the Graceland experience. The Graceland Fight Song, Dinner Bell cinnamon rolls, Ring by Spring, bats in the Coliseum, Shoe-in-the-Door policy, Homecoming Air Band, the MSC roller rink, the Tower paper - the list was long and full of powerful memories. To visually represent the Graceland experience was challenging, but telling our story is vital to keeping Graceland’s heritage strong. The Graceland experience is the one common thread we hold close to our hearts; it is part of our heritage and Graceland’s. 

The Alumni Board of Directors partnered with Sticks, a Des Moines American Craft company, to develop the Graceland Forever Heritage Collection. Each piece of the Heritage Collection contains artwork that represents the Graceland experience. The work encompasses all that we love about Graceland University: the scenic landscape, traditions, activities, athletics and superior academic offerings. This collection supports the Alumni Endowment Scholarship fund. The Alumni Board, since 1991, has awarded over 90 scholarships totaling $183,650.

Three different artists' hand with etching, painting and drawing tools tracing over drawn art for the Sticks collection

July 2014

  • Alumni Board presented the Sticks partnership concept to Development and gained approval to move forward.
  • Alumni Board raised the seed funds for the 3 ft. x 5 ft. Graceland Heritage Plaque. Thank you to contributing alumni and Alumni Board members for your support!

August 2014

  • A committee of passionate Graceland historians and current employees meet to share what was included in their Graceland experience story. The day is filled with the sharing of and laughter about their memories. Resulting in collectively identifying over 75 elements ranging from Graceland greats, academics, buildings, events, fine arts, organizations, houses and social clubs to iconic images, places and things, publications, songs, sports, and just fun stuff that is part of Graceland’s heritage.

September 2014

  • Sticks artist develops the composition to tell the Graceland experience story.
  • The story is approved and moves into production.
  • Artist hand draws the composition on the 3 ft. x 5 ft. wood plaque, followed by wood burning etching, then finished with vibrantly blended painting.
  • Scans, prints and lithographs of the Heritage plaque are produced.

Please support the Alumni Endowment Fund by purchasing a piece of the Graceland Forever Collection, and reminisce about your Graceland Experience. The stories are waiting.

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About Sticks

Sticks was started by Sarah Grant in 1992. Since then, Sticks has received national acclaim for its distinctive line of furniture, accessories and object art. The company began by designing smaller items such as ornaments and candlesticks and has evolved to feature larger items such as dining sets, beds and armoires. Each piece is handcrafted within Sticks’ award winning studio in Des Moines, Iowa. All pieces are finely crafted from birch, poplar and driftwood. The pieces are further designed with hand drawn imagery, etched contouring and vibrantly blended paint. Pieces can be embellished with 3-D wood components, metal, leather and fabric. Sticks’ line is constantly evolving due to the imagination of its design team and the many talented craft artisans employed. Every piece produced can be personalized to feature themes, imagery or colors that you or your customers desire. Please visit for more information.