Is A Graceland University Online Program Right for Me?

Please respond yes or no.

  1. Surfing the internet is sometimes fun, sometimes rewarding and rarely frustrating.
  2. My internet connection is reliable – I can usually work online when I want to.
  3. I can set aside at least 30 minutes per day, four days of the week to dedicate to reading posts and interacting with my classmates online.
  4. If I believe I need assistance, I do not hesitate to ask for help.
  5. I really enjoy being a part of an active community of people - sharing experiences and working together.
  6. I can type well enough to get by, or I have voice recognition software on my computer.
  7. I know I can learn in various environments, and I can make my own accommodations so that I learn in the way that is best for me.
  8. My career will really benefit from the degree that this online program provides.
  9. I can make time for 10-15 hours per week of reading, researching, studying and interacting online.
  10. I am pretty good with Microsoft Word. I can save and retrieve files, and I have even attached a file or two in my time.

If you answered 'yes' to 8-10 questions above, then online learning is definitely for you.

If you responded 'yes' to 4-7 questions above, then you could likely make changes that will help you to be ready for an online course. Call a student support counselor, and discuss your options.

If you responded 'yes' to three or fewer of the questions above, online learning probably isn’t a good option for you.