Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

Undergraduate students have no requirements to visit the campus. Graduate students in the School of Nursing are required to attend a two day, on-campus focus session. Graduate students in the Seminary program are required to attend a one week, on-campus focus session. There are no on-campus visits for the education programs.

Graceland University uses Brightspace to deliver online courses. The Brightspace user format is intuitive, predictable and allows users with point-and-click confidence to excel in their online courses. A student tutorial is available.

Your instructor will always be available and interact with you in the discussion areas of your online course. In addition, you may contact your instructor through email. Many instructors also provide students with telephone numbers and best times to contact.

Create a schedule, and devote four days - even if you are only devoting 30 minutes per day - to reading and responding to the posts made by your classmates. Adhere to assignment due dates, and do your best not to get behind.

The Graceland Brightspace help desk is available to assist as you work through your course 24/7, and they are extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

Graceland University is regionally accredited as an institution. This includes campus and online programs, alike. Graceland seeks and maintains top credentials for professional programs, including special accreditations for the School of Education and the School of Nursing.

Graceland offers online undergraduate programs in nursing, business administration and organizational leadership; online graduate programs in nursing, education and seminary; and an online doctoral program in organizational leadership.