We’ve transformed our Lamoni campus undergraduate tuition for 2024-25 to $19,950.

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Must file a FAFSA to be eligible for all grants.

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Federal Pell Grant is a grant and does not have to be repaid.

Pell Grants are awarded only to undergraduate students who have not earned a bachelor’s, graduate or professional degree. Eligibility is determined by financial need.

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Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant is a grant and does not have to be repaid.

An FSEOG is a federal grant for students who demonstrate exceptional need. Graceland receives a limited amount of FSEOG funds each year from the U.S. Department of Education’s office of Federal Student Aid. Once the full amount of Graceland’s FSEOG funds has been awarded to students, no more FSEOG awards can be made for that year.

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The Federal TEACH Grant is a grant and does not have to be repaid so long as the recipient completes a teaching service obligation.

A TEACH Grant provides up to $4,000 per year in grants for graduate and undergraduate students who agree to teach full-time in high-need subject areas for at least four years at schools that serve students from low-income families. Failure to complete the service obligation will cause the TEACH Grant to be converted into a loan that must be repaid, with interest. Find out more at studentaid.gov.

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