Incoming Lamoni Campus Graceland students for Fall 2023 –

Pay Your Deposit

Iowa Wesleyan Students

You Have a Home at Graceland and the Tiger Transfer Grant will save you $1,000.

Iowa Wesleyan students, Graceland is here for you.

Iowa Wesleyan students can expect a caring community at Graceland University, and we are focused on your success. One of the many ways we are committed to support your success is the Tiger Transfer Grant: a guarantee that your out-of-pocket balance will be at least $1,000 less when compared to equal charges.

  1. Guaranteed acceptance to Graceland ensures you have a place this fall.
  2. Transfer all your coursework from Iowa Wesleyan and finish on time.
  3. The Tiger Transfer Grant saves you money. Send us your current financial award and we will ensure that you pay at least $1,000 less than your expected 2023-24 cost to attend Iowa Wesleyan.
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Academic Information Sessions

Our faculty and current students, are excited to learn more about you, answer your questions, and explore with you how our academic programs can help you achieve the degree (or two) you have in mind. Your academic goals can continue as planned at Graceland University!

Click below to sign up for one or more of these faculty led Zoom sessions.

Academic Zoom Sessions
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Tiger Visit Day

April 22, 2023

As a part of supporting Iowa Wesleyan students make the transition to a new college home, we are hosting a special day just for you. In addition to a tour, meeting students and faculty, a free lunch and more, you can also participate in Graceland’s annual year-end carnival – Final Fling! Graceland will provide complimentary transportation from Mt. Pleasant to Lamoni and back.

International Students

Graceland is already home to over 70 international students representing 30+ countries. Get the degree you set out to achieve with Graceland. Admissions Counselor Tessla Michael is ready to help you with the transfer and visa process.

Contact Tessla

All Other Students

We are here to welcome you to our campus. Graceland is a caring community with top-notch academics and Admissions Counselor Zach Schwab is ready to help you through the transfer process.

Contact Zach
Our Students Know
One of the things that I immediately noticed when I transferred to Graceland was the connection with the people. There are caring people and professors who are willing to help you out if you ask. They welcomed me with open arms and the experience felt so similar to my time at Iowa Wesleyan.
Andrew Birge '24 Student Assistant Football Coach, Outside Linebackers, Recruiting Analyst Physical Education and Health Major
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Become a Yellowjacket

Graceland won a men’s basketball national championship in 2018 and have recently had national champions and all-Americans in a variety of sports like track & field and wrestling. Our coaches would love to talk to you about finding your place on our fields and courts.

Graceland By The Numbers

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Graceland Housing

There are spaces available in all styles of on-campus housing – Traditional residence hall living, private upperclassmen units, and apartments! Secure your spot at Graceland by paying your deposit and applying for housing by May 15th to be considered for all on-campus living options!

At Graceland, our unique ‘House’ system creates an environment where all are welcome and included. You will be connected from day one to graduation (and beyond). On-campus living fosters a sense of community, reduces academic stresses, and allows you to stay plugged-in to the “Graceland Experience.” We maintain a four year live-on requirement because we strongly believe in the positive value of living on campus.

Any Iowa Wesleyan student transferring to Graceland, and has paid their $200 deposit, can apply for housing using the forms below.  Eligibility requirements are considered upon application.  For questions, Residence Life contact information:

  • Housing Request – New Students Only
    • For all newly enrolled Graceland students
    • Ability to share preferences on roommate behavior/room environment and roommate request

    Housing Request form
    (Send completed form to the Residence Life Office)

  • Apartments and Units

    Eligibility for Apartments

    • Hold junior or senior status (56 credits or more)
    • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher

    Eligibility for Units

    • Hold junior or senior status (56 credits or more)
    • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher

    Apartment and Unit Application (pdf)
    (Send completed form to the Residence Life Office)

  • Off-Campus Housing

    All full-time students (enrolled in 12 credit hours or more) are required to live in university housing. Exemptions to the policy are granted for students who:

    • Are 23 years of age or older
    • Live with their parents/guardians within 25 miles of the University
    • Have legal dependent(s) who live(s) with them
    • Are legally married

    If you do not meet these requirements and still wish to move off-campus, you will need to complete the Off-Campus Housing Application below and submit it to the Residence Life Office for review.

    Off-Campus Housing Application

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Join Our Team

We know that students are not the only people affected by the closure of Iowa Wesleyan. We have several job openings and we invite you to apply.

Find out more!