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The Center for Innovation in Ministry and Mission (CIMM) presents live classes exploring theology, culture, and Community of Christ Identity, Mission, Message, and Beliefs in “bite-sized” sessions. These no-cost live sessions will take place most Wednesdays at 7 p.m. CST.

These classes can be used as discussion starters in adult classes or for personal spiritual/educational development.

Coming soon: Edited versions of these sessions will be available on YouTube.


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Class Schedule

Three Reasons the Trinity Matters – Tony Chvala-Smith and Charmaine Chvala-Smith

  • February 28 – Trinity as Community: The Messy Challenges of Life Together and God’s Triune Nature
  • March 6 – Trinity as Dance: the Divine Partnership Teaching Us How Not to Step on Each Other’s Toes
  • March 13 – Trinity as Love: God’s Love as True Power Embracing a Wounded World.

Recommended Reading: Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Exploring Community of Christ Basic Beliefs: A Commentary, Volume 1. Independence, MO: Herald Publishing House, 2020. The chapters are available free at A Kindle version is available.

Discerning the Way Forward: How the process worked for us considering the new church president and how this process can work for you. – Katie Harmon-McLaughlin (Formation Ministries) and Apostle David Nii

  • March 20

2024 Adult Reunion Materials – Katie – Rick Bunch (Andrew Fellows/Michelle McGraff/Emily Rose/Shandra) “Heal the Earth: A Restoration Imperative”

  • April 3 – The Earth, Lovingly Created
  • April 10 – Immersed in Creation
  • April 17 – The Stewardship of God’s Goodness
  • April 24 – Finding our Place – (Imperative to Act)

Living the Mission Prayer

  • May 1 – Introducing the Mission Prayer Guide – interview
  • May 8– Connecting to Spiritual Practices- interview
  • May 15 – The Mission Prayer and Ministry with Children

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