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Four times a year, the Center for Innovation in Ministry and Mission and Community of Christ Formation Ministry will present a live broadcast and recorded session on a specific book. In many cases, we will have the author, or another qualified presenter share with us live.

Registration is required for attending the live session or accessing the recorded versions. The price is $10 per session or $40 for all four sessions.

Once registration is paid, the link will be sent in time for the live event, or access to the recorded versions.

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  • Spring 2024 (Dates TBA) – Book Club #1 – Deep Waters
  • Summer 2024 (Dates TBA) – Book Club #2 – Hope is Here
  • Fall 2024 (Dates TBA) – Book Club #3 – Abuelita Faith
  • Winter 2025 (Dates TBA) – Book Club #4 – Another Way

Watch here for more specifics on each of these events.

Check here later for registration information.


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