Max Pitt, MBA

Associate Professor of Business

  • 641-784-5348

As an Associate Professor in Graceland’s C.H. Sandage School of Business, I teach courses in Agricultural Business and Business Administration. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Agri-Business, Business Administration and Economics through Graceland University and my Masters in Business Administration through the University of Texas.

My professional objective is to “apply” experience in education, leadership, banking, business and service to create whole persons, to develop ethical organizations, and to build healthy communities. This commitment to applying my experience is rooted in my education at Graceland. I pursued my Masters in Business Administration with the goal to return and teach at Graceland. I put the academic theories into practice in banking and community service with a desire to someday put the “practice” into the academic theory in the classroom. 

I value transformational education. In a balanced environment of concern and discipline, students develop confidence, wholeness, knowledge and ethical resolve into wisdom. This transformational, educational experience creates new potential for the student to live with deeper purpose and greater productivity. 

The individual’s wholeness, purpose and productivity create success for them and their families. The informed, whole person can organize and associate with others to maintain ethical standards of fairness, respect and justice for others. The resulting relationships can develop into effective, healthy communities. 

I challenge myself to be an effective steward of the talents and experiences which are my responsibility to share and apply.

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Briggs Hall, Rm 115

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Briggs Hall, Rm 115