Graceland University Faculty

Steven L. Anders PhD

Professor of Economics

Steven L. Anders, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Economics, received his BA in Economics and Business Administration from Graceland University and his MA and PhD in Economics f...

Paul Beck, PhD

Professor of Economics

Linda DeBarthe PhD

Professor of Accounting

Linda DeBarthe, Ph.D., CPA, has been teaching accounting and business courses in Graceland University’s C. H. Sandage School of Business since 1990. Her research inte...

Jeff McElroy MBA

Assistant Professor Business Adm

Jeffery W. McElroy, MBA, is Assistant Professor of Business Administration. He holds a B.A. in Business Administration and Economics from Graceland University, an M.B.A. fr...

Larry Murphy MBA

Associate Professor of Accounting

Larry D. Murphy, MBA, CPA, is Associate Professor of Accounting at Graceland University. He holds a BS in Industrial Administration from Iowa State University and an MBA from Dr...

Max Pitt, MBA

Associate Professor Business

As an Associate Professor in Graceland’s C.H. Sandage School of Business, I teach courses in Agricultural Business and Business Administration.  I earned my Bachelor ...

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Robert Poulton PhD

Dean of C.H. Sandage School of Business; Associate Professor of Economics

Assistant Professor Economics As an undergraduate at Wittenberg University, I began studying economics as preparation for law school.  After my second course though, I w...

Anthony Chvala-Smith, PhD

Assistant Professor of Theology and Scripture

Classes Teaching: New Testament, Early Christian Theology  “Let justice roll down like waters and integrity like an ever-flowing stream!” (Amos 5:24). Ca...

Matt Frizzell, PhD

Dean, Community of Christ Seminary

Eons ago, human beings looked up at the sun. They saw a god blazing across the sky. Today, we look up at the same sun. Now, we see fusion. What’s the difference?...

Dale Luffman, DMin

Faculty Associate

After serving over 35 years as an appointee minister for Community of Christ, nearly 20 of which were served as a member of the Council of Twelve Apostles, I retired. Well, not ...

Lee Bash, PhD

Dean, Edmund J. Gleazer School of Education

There is something incredibly exciting and powerful about being a part of a large jazz ensemble when it’s playing really well! It’s like harnessing a lightning bolt!...

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Tanya Coffelt, EdD

Associate Professor of Education

Michele Dickey-Kotz, EdD

Professor of Education

Michele Dickey-Kotz, Ph.D., Professor of Education, is a passionate teacher driven by the belief that it is her responsibility to promote, provoke, or inspire those around her t...

Allison Dudley, EdD

Associate Professor of Education

My passion is reading, both teaching courses about reading at Graceland University’s Independence Campus and spending time reading for my own pleasure and knowledge. All o...

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Jane Hall Chaillie, EdD

Assistant Professor of Education

As Assistant Professor of Education at Graceland University, I have two goals each day. The first is to fuel our students’ desire to make a difference through the teaching...

Debbi Leialoha PhD

Professor of Education/Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Debbi Leialoha, Ph.D., is Professor of Education, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at Graceland University. She holds a B.S. in Special Education/Elementary Education from Sou...

Shelly Leialoha-Hartstack, PhD

Associate Professor of Education

Shelly Leialoha-Hartstack, PhD, began her teaching career in adjudicated facilities working with teenage boys and girls. A natural progression for Dr. Leialoha-Hartstack transit...

Dennis McElroy PhD

Professor of Education

Dennis McElroy, PhD, is a Professor of Education. His passion is the lives that he touches on a daily basis. Sometimes, this is during the interaction he has with students at Gr...

Obie Austin MSN

Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing

Obie Austin, RN, MSN, ANP, FNP-BC, is Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing at Graceland University and has been a nurse for 22 years. His experience educating nurses is compr...

Angela Gaba MSN

Clinical Instructor of Nursing

Carol Green PhD

Professor of Nursing

As a Professor of Nursing at Graceland University, I teach Curriculum Development, Assessment of Learning, Advanced Pathophysiology and DNP Epidemiology in the nursing program. ...

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Urmila Harold MSN, RN

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Urmila Harold, MSN, RN, teaches undergraduate courses at Graceland University’s School of Nursing on the Independence, Missouri campus. As much as Urmila loves teaching fa...

Claudia Horton, PhD

Dean, School of Nursing/Professor of Nursing

I love being at Graceland! For 22 years, I have served as a faculty member and an administrator in the School of Nursing. Having earned my associate degree in nursing at a commu...

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Linda Howell MSN

Associate Professor of Nursing

Linda Howell teaches in the on-campus undergraduate nursing program, the online undergraduate nursing program and the healthcare management program at Graceland University&rsquo...

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Michelle Julian Phd(c), MSN, RN

Assistant Professor of Nursing/MOKAN Coordinator

Michelle Julian, PhD(c), RN, an Associate Professor at Graceland University, teaches in the on-campus 18-month accelerated BSN program and online RN to BSN program. Additionally...

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Kathy Lenz

Assistant Clinical Professor - Graduate Nursing

Sharon Little-Stoetzel PhD

Associate Dean, Professor of Nursing

Sharon Little-Stoetzel, RN, PhD, has been a nurse for over 30 years and has been teaching nursing for about 17 years. She takes great pleasure in teaching all levels of nursing ...

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Jolene Lynn PhD, RN

Assistant Professor of Nursing - Graduate Nursing

Jolene Lynn, PhD, RN, is Associate Professor of Nursing at Graceland University’s School of Nursing in Independence, Missouri. Graduating from Pittsburg State University i...

Kathleen Mammen MSN

Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing

Kathleen Mammen, MSN, FNP-BC, is Assistant Clinical Professor at Graceland University School of Nursing. She has been a part of Graceland’s faculty for over 10 years. Mrs....

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MaryAnn Martin DNP, FNP, MBA

Assistant Professor School of Nursing

I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and teach the Doctor of Nursing Practice Organizational Leadership and Collaboration course, Research Methods and Evidence Based Practice, Adult...

Jan Rice PhD

Associate Dean, Professor of Nursing

I have been a nurse since 1977 and an educator since 1990.  I hold a BSN degree with minors in Biology, Music Theory & Composition; a MSN-Adult CNS degree with a minor ...

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Wilai Rojjanasrirat, PhD

Professor of Nursing

Dr. Wilaiporn Rojjanasrirat is a Professor and Director of Research and Scholarship at Graceland University School of Nursing in Independence, Missouri. She currently teaches...

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Jeri Sindt, MSN

Associate Professor of Nursing

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Beverly South MSN

Associate Professor of Nursing

Beverly South, MSN, RN, CNE, teaches in the RN-to-BSN and the BSN-RN Programs in the School of Nursing at Graceland’s Independence, Missouri, campus. The main courses she ...

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Thelma Sword EdD

Professor of Nursing

Having been a registered nurse for 40+ years, Thelma Sword, EdD, MSN, CNE, discovered a love for home health and hospice care early in her nursing career. Prior to employme...

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Ginger Vaughn MSN-FNP

Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing

Ginger Vaughn, MSN, APRN-BC, NE, is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing in Graceland University School of Nursing’s graduate program where she teaches Advanced Heal...

Susan Vogelsmeier MSN-FNP

Associate Clinical Instructor

I am tenured faculty and serve as Graceland School of Nursing’s FNP Program Coordinator. Currently, I am lead instructor and teach Advanced Practice Roles & Issues and...

Barb Voshall, DNP

Professor of Nursing

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Cindy Waits MSN

Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing

Hi. I have been a nurse for more than 40 years! My area of expertise is in assisting to “birth babies”. I loved working with new families in both Obstetrics and Pedi...

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Laurel Welty MSN-FNP

Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing

Laurel Welty MSN, FNP-BC, is Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing, and 2016 marks her sixth year teaching at Graceland University. Ms. Welty graduated from Graceland's BS...

Dustin Williams DNP

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Dustin Williams, DNP, FNP-C, ENP-BC, CEN, CCRN, Assistant Professor of Nursing, teaches in the Nurse Practitioner programs, as well as the DNP program on the Independence, Misso...

John Wood MSN

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Teaching nurses is what I truly love to do. Whether it is the fundamentals of nursing care, or advanced topics of critical care, what excites me and recharges my batteries is se...

Brian White, PhD

Interim VP of Academic Affairs and Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

I teach literature, film, cultural studies and critical theory, and writing courses.  Introducing students to the intellectual means by which “a ha” moments reg...

Sara Blessing, MM

Instructor of Music

Some of my most memorable life experiences are from singing in my undergraduate career in the Nordic Choir at Luther College. Through our choir tours, both nationally and i...

Erin Bodnar, DMA

Assistant Professor of Music

The experience of sharing a musical performance with an ensemble, as a conductor, is like no other.  An intimate and powerful connection is created as we perform the mus...

Jack Ergo, MM

Piano/Harpsichord Orchestral Studies, Associate Professor of Music

Julia Franklin, MFA

Professor of Art

I teach a variety of art courses such as Drawing, 3-D Design, Critical Thinking, Sculpture, Experimental Media & Process, Innovation & Creativity, Ancient to M...

Karen Gergely MFA

Assistant Professor of Art, Art Department Coordinator

I am primarily a social practice artist that encourages a community to learn together, share experiences, skills, traditions and stories in the name of art. I am trained as a pa...

Adam Groh, DMA

Division Chair, Assistant Professor of Music

                          I love new music!  Sometimes, that mea...

Gary Heisserer PhD

Professor of Theatre

Gary Heisserer, Ph.D., Professor of Theatre/Director of University Assessment teaches directing, playwriting and theatre history classes at Graceland University. Every year, Dr....

Elijah Loving MA

Instructor of Graphic Design

I teach Graphic Arts, which touches on degrees such as Graphic Design, Communications and Business.   Being a Graceland alumnus with degrees in both Studio Art and ...

Tracy Salter, MFA

Associate Professor of Theatre

Bryan Gatzke, MS

Division Chair, Instructor of Health and Movement Science

Stew McDole, ReD

Professor of Physical Education

Jessica Wallace MA

Instructor of Health and Movement Science

Jessica Wallace is the Curriculum's Coordinator for the Physical Education and Health/Health Education majors and Clinical Coordinator for the Athletic Training Ed...

Brittany Beckner, PhD

Assistant Professor of Communication

I have many interests in the field of Communication research.  Specifically, health communication, interpersonal communication, and instructional communication have been th...

Anthony Chvala-Smith, PhD

Assistant Professor of Theology and Scripture

Classes Teaching: New Testament, Early Christian Theology  “Let justice roll down like waters and integrity like an ever-flowing stream!” (Amos 5:24). Ca...

Catherine Clifford, PhD PhD

Assistant Professor of English

I discovered this profession by way of Shakespeare, and although I have invested myself in areas of literature, drama and history mostly unrelated to the Bard, Shakespeare remai...

Cris Karmas, PhD

Professor of English

Because, as an undergraduate, I wanted to learn as much as possible, I found it almost impossible to decide on a major. Over the years, I studied music, foreign languages (Fren...

Raquel Moreira, PhD

Assistant Professor of Communication

I love teaching and doing research. Even though communication is my primary area, I am passionate about gender and feminist studies, and both fields are deeply intertwined in my...

Dan Platt, PhD

Assistant Professor of English

Teaching Areas: 20th- and 21st-century American Literature, Environmental Humanities, Film Studies, and Composition. Current Courses: ENGL1410: Modern Rhetoric INTD1100...

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Isaac Pressnell, MFA

Division Chair, Assistant Professor of English

"Poetry is my passion, followed closely by comics, backpacking, and movies, in no particular order. I don’t subscribe to a school of poetry, but I tend to write in a...

Tim Robbins, PhD

Assistant Professor of English

In raising the popular imagination above political realism, the artists of each generation are tasked with revitalizing the idea of democracy. While Plato banished poets fro...

Jacob Belmore, MS

Instructor of Computer Science

Kevin Brunner PhD

Professor of Information Technology

Kevin Brunner, Ph.D., is a professor of Information Technology. He attended Graceland University (College), earning his B.S. in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems...

Teri Foster, PharmD

Associate Professor Biology

Paul Johnson PhD

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Paul Johnson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics at Graceland University, prepares future secondary mathematics and science teachers. In his doctoral degree program, Dr. ...

Brad Mercer, PhD

Professor of Chemistry

Jennifer Poulton, PhD

Professor of Biology

Dan Pratt, PhD

Division Chair, Professor of Chemistry

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Mary Shawgo PhD

Associate Professor of Biology

Mary Shawgo, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Biology and Chemistry at Graceland University. In 2014, she was awarded Graceland University’s Annual Alumni Board of Directo...

Ron Smith PhD

Professor of Mathematics

Ron Smith, Ph.D., was born September 15, 1952 in Ames, Iowa. He grew up in many places: Minnesota, Hawaii, Iowa, Texas, Missouri and Saskatchewan, Canada. Dr. Smith remembers li...

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Jason Smith, PhD

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

I teach College Algebra, Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Probability, and Linear Algebra at Graceland University. I strive to engage students through use of real-world applica...

Bradley Brewster PhD

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Bradley H. Brewster, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Graceland University’s Lamoni Campus where he teaches criminology, sociological studies of policing, env...

David Devonis, PhD

Professor of Psychology

Anna Freud's Baby   "I'm interested in art, music, cars, and psychology, not necessarily in that order. This is the most recent new thing I've le...

John Franklin PhD

Associate Professor History

John K. Franklin, Ph.D., teaches all of the United States history courses at Graceland University and holds a B.A. in English and M.A. in History from Midwestern State Universit...

Steve Glazer PhD

Professor of History

Steve Glazer, PhD, is Professor of History, CLAS, Div. of Social Science, Department of History/Political Science. He earned his BA from Union College, a small liberal arts c...

Adam Martin, PhD

Assistant Professor of Political Science

I hail as an undergrad from a small California liberal arts college like Graceland and consider this educational setting my home. My teaching and research focuses on peace, w...

Amy Salmeto-Johnson, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Amy Salmeto-Johnson, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor of Psychology at Graceland University. She primarily teaches Introductory Psychology, Biopsychology, Cognitive Psychology and ...

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Brian Smith, PhD

Division Chair, Professor Psychology

The world needs more people who can think, discuss and work productively with each other. Education is one path toward that goal. I teach to help make the world a better place. ...