Raquel Moreira, PhD

Assistant Professor of Communication

  • 641-784-5499

I love teaching and doing research. Even though communication is my primary area, I am passionate about gender and feminist studies, and both fields are deeply intertwined in my work. I am currently studying resistive possibilities in the performances of heterosexual femininity of singers and dancers from the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, my native city. Additionally, I am implementing a course on gender and communication in our Division of Humanities, which is very exciting—my two favorite topics in one class!

Raquel MoreiraI am also fascinated with intercultural communication. Being born in Brazil, and now living and working in such a diverse place, I can share my own intercultural experiences with my students in the classroom. In fact, exchanging different cultural experiences with students is my favorite part about teaching intercultural communication.

My students at Graceland are the best part of my job. Developing relationships with them, becoming familiar with their dreams and aspirations, while witnessing their personal and professional growth is the most rewarding aspect of teaching in a small Liberal Arts institution.

Being a cosmopolitan person, what I found to be the most unexpected facet of moving to rural Iowa is how much I actually enjoy my life here. Cooking, walking my dog, Gato, and watching beautiful sunsets are my new favorite things to do in my free time. I also love traveling—I go to Brazil every year to visit my family and friends in Rio de Janeiro.

Courses Taught
Spring 2015

  • Speech Communication – An Intro
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Topic – Gender and Communication

Fall 2015

  • Speech Communication – An Intro
  • Introduction to Mass Media
  • Trends in Communication

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