Nurse student in waiting area

Nursing Admissions Representatives

Online Nursing Programs
(For the applicant who is a registered nurse)
Online Programs: RN-MSN, MSN, MSN Certificate, DNP
Admissions Representative:
 Nick Walker
Phone: 800-833-0524, ext. 4717

Online Program: RN-BSN
(For the applicant who is a registered nurse)
Admissions Counselor: Lauren Marley
Phone: 816-866-5418

On-Ground, 18-Month Traditional BSN-RN Program
(For the applicant who is not a registered nurse)
Admissions Counselor: Laurie Hale
Phone: 800-833-0524, ext. 4675 (outside the greater Kansas City area)
Phone: 816-833-0524, ext. 4675 (local Kansas City area)