Essential Education Curriculum

Learning Outcome Six: Knowledge of the Physical and Natural World - Math
Students will be able to express quantitative ideas using language and appropriate notation in mathematics and natural sciences. Students should demonstrate literacy in both mathematics and natural sciences, by defining terms, by recognizing and by applying concepts, in order to understand the relevance of mathematics and natural sciences to contemporary life.

  • 6 s.h. Math--Two 3 s.h. courses from the following list of courses approved for this outcome by the Essential Education Committee
       MATH1200 Mathematics for Liberal Arts
       MATH1280 College Algebra
       MATH1310 Math Concepts I
       MATH1320 Math Concepts II
       MATH1330 Elementary Functions
       MATH1380 Introduction to Statistics
       MATH1510 Calculus I
Approved course descriptions:

MATH1200 Mathematics for Liberal Arts 3 s.h.
A survey course for non-majors with an emphasis on problem solving and quantitative literacy. Topics included will be voting theory, financial math, graph theory, and coding theory. ELO6 Math

MATH1280 College Algebra 3 s.h.
Solutions of polynomial, rational and radical equations and inequalities, systems of equations, matrices, sequences, series, combinatorics, mathematical induction. Prerequisite: 2 years high school algebra or DEVL1200. Goal 3A, ELO6 Math

MATH1310 Mathematical Concepts I 3 s.h.
A systematic development of whole number systems, geometry, and measurement. Prerequisite: 1 year high school algebra; geometry recommended. Goal 3A, ELO6 Math

MATH1320 Mathematical Concepts II 3 s.h.
A systematic development of the real number system and its subsystems, symbolic logic. Prerequisite: MATH1310. Goal 3A, ELO6 Math

MATH1330 Elementary Functions 3 s.h.
Functions and relations, special functions and their graphs including logarithmic and exponential functions, trigonometric functions and their inverses. Prerequisite: 2 years of high school algebra or MATH1280. Goal 3A, ELO6 Math

MATH1380 Introduction to Statistics 3 s.h.
Data analysis and measures of central tendency, dispersion, and correlation. Introduction to probability. Estimation and hypothesis testing. Bivariate regression. Elementary ANOVA. Introduction to nonparametric techniques. Prerequisite: 1 year high school algebra. Goal 3A, ELO6 Math

MATH1510 Calculus I 3 s.h.
Limits, continuity, derivative, mean-value theorem, simple integration, fundamental theorem of calculus. Prerequisite: 2 years high school algebra. Goal 3A, ELO6 Math


+ Denotes an alternate year course.