Center for Graduate & Continuing Studies Online Courses

Lamoni and Independence Campus students who wish to supplement their program of study with Center for Graduate and Continuing Studies (CGCS) online courses may do so by receiving approval from their advisor, and their division chair or dean of the school. The hours will be billed as residential campus hours, and may count toward the student's on-campus load.

The following procedure applies to CGCS online courses:

  1. Student is advised to enroll in an online course to meet program requirements, or the student expresses an interest in enrolling in an online course.
  2. Student and Advisor complete the Application for Enrollment in Arranged or CGCS Online Course.
  3. Division Chair or Dean of the School approves the application form.
  4. The form is routed to the Registrar's Office to complete the registration process. Book orders are placed and charges are applied to the student's account.
  5. The student is then subject to CGCS policies for completion of the course (withdrawal policy, participation policy).