Full and Half Day Trainings- Youth Launch Leaders will tailor trainings and length of time to meet group needs.  Topics could include: Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets; Developmental Stages, Characteristics, and Needs for Middle Childhood (6-12), Early Adolescents (13-15), and Adolescents (15-18); and Generational Influences. Depending on your organization’s area of service, trainings will be specialized to provide the most program impact.  Trainings provide specific, usable, and relatable examples and models to be used within your own programs.

Mini sessions- Youth Launch Leaders provides shorter, more condensed versions of the full length trainings for groups.  The mini sessions are focused on one youth development area and would be perfect for groups that have a limited amount of time with youth.  Group leaders can schedule trainings, focus areas, and length of time according to their group’s individual needs.