Tip Sheets

Tip Sheets are an in-depth look into a variety of topics related to youth development. They provide information in a format that is easy to distribute and implement. Tip sheets can be customized and Youth Launch Leaders will be happy to work with your program to design any materials your organization needs.

  • Intro to Assets — An overview of Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets and why they are important to youth development.
  • Day Camps — A tip sheet that volunteers and instructors can use to build assets in a short time frame.
  • Summer Coaches — Tips on building assets for coaches to use during a game or everyday in practice. Tip sheets for        T-Ball coaches as well as Minor and Major League coaches are available!
  • Sumner Sport Spectator — Tips for parents and spectators to help their children grow through organized athletics.
  • Quotes — Inspirational youth development quotes to post in your classroom, office or work area.
  • Fall Coaches — Tips on building assets during games and practices for fall coaches.
  • Fall Sport Spectator — Tips for parents and spectators to remember when supporting youth during fall sports.
  • Fine Arts — Tips for parents of students involved in fine arts like band, drama and art.
  • Art — Tips on building assets to remember when helping youth be creative.
  • Lifeguards- Helpful tips for Lifeguards to remember while interacting with youth at area pools.