Orchestral ensemble performs on stage with a conductor in formal attire

Ensemble Scholarships

Graceland offers generous scholarships to our talented musicians whether they're music majors or not. At Graceland University, we value all musicians and their contributions to rich cultural life on campus; that's why you don't have to major in music to join any of our ensembles.

Students may receive scholarships from contributors to the music department in band, orchestra, choir and keyboard studies ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Over 85 percent of Graceland students receive some form of financial aid. Oftentimes, the music scholarship is an integral part of the student's financial aid package. The amount of these awards is determined by several factors including student ability, financial need and specific needs within each ensemble.

For more information, please download and review the scholarship brochure and performance scholarship application. An audition is required. Arrange for your campus visit or contact Graceland Admissions at 866.GRACELAND to submit a recorded audition.

To complete eligibility requirements, submit your application for admission online, and complete your financial aid package by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at www.fafsa.ed.gov.


Graceland University offers performance scholarships to talented and promising young musicians whose academic qualifications and demonstrated musical abilities indicate that they could make a significant contribution to the music program of the University.

An audition is required to obtain a performance scholarship. On-campus auditions are preferred, but a high quality audio or video recording will be accepted if you live too far from campus and are unable to come to campus for your audition.

A letter of recommendation from your school music instructor or your private teacher must also be submitted. Please include their names and contact information.

Your audition should include at least two solo works, one of which should be an étude or study written expressly for your instrument. When choosing your pieces, make sure they demonstrate your technical and musical abilities in both (1) slow, sustained melodic lines that indicate quality of tone, phrasing and intonation; and (2) brisk tempi that indicate your technical fluency and articulation. The total length of your audition materials should be approximately 10 minutes.

Your audition should include one or two songs that you feel best represents your voice. It is preferable to hear contest solo literature (including one song in a foreign language), but all genres of literature are acceptable. Ultimately, students should select literature that they can perform comfortably and confidently. Please make sure to mail a PDF copy of your music to Professor Sara Blessing at least two weeks prior to your audition if an accompanist is needed. Students may audition a cappella if they prefer. Auditions can be scheduled any day of the week, excluding Sunday, depending upon the availability of music department faculty. For additional questions, please contact Professor Sara Blessing at sblessi1@graceland.edu.

To schedule an audition, contact Graceland Admissions at 866.GRACELAND. Remember to have the application completed and submitted with your letter of recommendation at least two weeks prior to your audition.

If you are unable to bring your own accompanist, you must send a copy of your accompaniment music to Graceland Admissions TWO WEEKS prior to your audition date. Taped accompaniments are not acceptable.

Apply now for your music performance scholarship, and arrange for your campus visit to audition.

*Ensemble placement auditions are separate and will take place at the start of each semester.