Art Department


The Art Department fosters an aesthetic and innovative community that allows students to explore acts of creative and personal expression, ultimately preparing students for lifelong participation in the visual arts.


The Art Department will become a recognized cultural center of artistic activity and education in the Midwest, transforming and strengthening the region's cultural foundation.


The Art Department values artistic and intellectual curiosity, risk taking, an entrepreneurial spirit, diverse thinking, problem solving, self-awareness, sensitivity to materials and perceptions, work ethic, personal pride and involvement, attention to details and an open-minded response to criticism.

For more information please contact:
The Art Department
Julia Franklin
Professor of Art
Graceland University
1 University Place
Lamoni, IA 50140
Phone: 641-784-5329


Advising Checklists

Art: Studio Advising Checklist
Art: Teaching Certification Checklist
Art: Visual Communication Checklist
Art/English: Publication Design Checklist

Art Grant/Scholarships

Art Performance Grant: Graceland offers grants in art to those students committed to majoring in the art curriculum. Awards are available for students in the areas of painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography and commercial design.

Garwood Scholarship: The Ronald Garwood Memorial Ceramics Scholarship is offered juniors and seniors who have demonstrated an interest in ceramics by enrolling in ceramics and/or other art classes.

Shannon Scholarship: The Shannon Scholarship is offered to any declared art major (Art: Studio, Art: Visual, Art Education) who have demonstrated a positive contribution to the art program through leadership and participation and has show a passion for the visual arts in and outside of the classroom.