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BSN-RN Track Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Samantha Byrnes, MSN

BSN-RN Track Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Nursing


BSN, University of Missouri - Columbia
MSN, University of Central Missouri

Phone Number

Office: 816.807.7104


Independence Campus

Room Location

Independence Campus, 319

BSN-RN Track Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Samantha teaches in the undergraduate nursing program in both the face to face and online program. Her passion is teaching Juniors, especially in their courses that have a clinical component. Clinical is where Samantha believes nursing students make lifelong learning connections and start to develop as a novice nurse.

Nursing itself has been a passion of Samantha’s for ten years but being able to help shape and educate future nurses and nurse leaders is her lifelong dream. Watching a new student develop from being frightened to enter a patient’s room, to a strong patient advocate will always drive Samantha’s interest in nursing education. Whether it is teaching the fundamentals or refining skills in Adult Health, all aspects of nursing education interest and excite Samantha.

My philosophy on teaching stems from the need for competent, independent and critical thinking nurses. My goal is to provide a supportive environment for which students can grow, thrive and achieve their highest possible skill level. “They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou.