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Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology

Kyung E. Park, DSc.

Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology


BS, Seoul National University
MS, Seoul National University
DSc, Towson University


Resch Science and Technology Hall

Room Location

Resch Science and Technology Hall, 119

Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology

Dr. Park teaches computer science core courses and the latest information technologies including Data Structures, Operating Systems, Computer Hardware and Networks, Interactive Web Programming, Information Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning courses.

Computer Science core courses help students figure out today’s computing environment and communicate with computer hardware and software using their logical thinking and problem solving skills. The latest information technology courses cover new trends and applications in IT industry and encourage students to be ready for accomplishing real world projects and research.

She is interested in making data useful and controlling data stream. The data evolves from operator-typed, well-formatted data to electronic maps, personal locations, moving objects and sensor generated events, and social media posts. Huge amounts of big data can make machine learning and deep learning technology applicable to everyday life.

Interest in processing and controlling data encouraged her to develop spatial database system, Command and control system for smart city with GIS and location platforms, and brainwave and motion sensing-based action games for children with ADHD and elderly people.

She always encourages students to build their vision for the future throughout the learning process and determine what they must accomplish next in order to achieve their goal. She consistently helps them internalize problem-solving skills and overcome some difficulties they might encounter during the process.

As a mother of two children, I try to understand students' individual circumstances and help them design a personalized path to achieving their goals. I consider their experiences and goals they should take while at the school and beyond. As a thoughtful and compassionate advisor and mentor, I train students to become more confident and knowledgeable leaders prepared for the future.