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Assistant Professor of Psychology

Jesse James, Phd

Assistant Professor of Psychology


PhD, Psychology, Brigham Young University
MS, Experimental Psychology, Central Washington University
BA, Psychology, Central Washington University

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Jesse James has been teaching psychology since 2012. He often uses a “flipped” classroom model, where students engage with videos and readings outside of class to learn the material as homework, and then come to class to solidify the material in group activities, help sessions, and practice exercises. Dr. James’ classes are lively, interactive, and multi-modal. In any given class, students might watch a video, create a model of the brain out of play-doh, use their mobile device to answer questions, act out the functioning of hormones, discuss complex issues in small groups with other students, or conduct a mini experiment.


Dr. James has also worked in program management and evaluation. He led dozens of research studies that informed the operations of a multi-billion-dollar charitable organization. His research involved fielding surveys in over 100 countries as well as traveling internationally to perform qualitative interviews. This international work has given him the opportunity to learn about many different cultures, religions, languages, and national histories. This knowledge allows him to incorporate cross-cultural perspectives into his teaching today.


The great teacher is not the man who supplies the most facts, but the one in whose presence we become different people. —Ralph Waldo Emerson