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Graduate Assistant-Strength and Conditioning

Drew Sams

Graduate Assistant-Strength and Conditioning


BS, Allied Health, Graceland University
MS (Student), Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance, Graceland University

Phone Number

Office: 641.784.5040

Room Location

Zimmerman 309

Graduate Assistant-Strength and Conditioning

Sams currently teaches in the Division of Health and Movement Science and is the Strength and Conditioning Graduate Assistant as he earns his Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance degree. Sams teaches because he believes it is important to know how your body works and why your body goes through its specific processes.

Health and Movement Science interests Sams because he is interested in the always changing world of healthcare and how vast the knowledge that healthcare providers posses is. Sams also believes that the world will always need students who are educated in the human body and how it works

Sams was a 4x NAIA National Qualifier and a 2021 NAIA All American for the Graceland University Wrestling Team. He is currently an Assistant Wrestling Coach for Graceland.