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Adjunct Faculty Associate

Debbi Leialoha, PhD

Adjunct Faculty Associate


BS, Southern Illinois University
MA, Webster University
PhD, University of Missouri - Kansas city

Phone Number

Office: 816.423.4741

Adjunct Faculty Associate

While the teacher in her never departs, Dr. Leialoha’s greatest pleasure and source of renewal is derived from family and friends. Whether in Missouri, Japan, Hawaii or Minnesota, she enjoys being in the company of loved ones. Relationships fuel her and keep her grounded to what she holds dear and important. Dr. Leialoha embraces the challenge to further develop her gifts and talents, and her associations with people from all walks of life serve as motivation.

Building joint enterprises, mutual engagements and shared repertoires are elements of Dr. Leialoha’s practice with graduate MEd students; whether in online or face to face teaching formats. Promoting the tenets of communities of practice in distance education represents the focus of scholarship endeavors, as well. Much of this work has been accomplished through collaboration with fellow colleagues. The need to ensure quality and integrity has fueled the creation of the Gleazer School of Education Mentoring and Supervision Model. It addresses understanding of guiding principles, practice that promotes consistency and relationship building, language avenues to promote caring and support, opportunities for growth through professional development, assessment tools that provide multiple sources of feedback, and lastly, the importance of reflection to inform future practice.

I am a work in progress, a person who is enjoying the journey as a life-long learner. I look forward to making positive contributions to those I meet along the path. Every day is a new one that holds all kinds of possibilities!