Political Science

Political Science Minor

A minor in Political Science consists of 18 semester hours or more of Political Science including 6 or more upper division hours.


Courses in Political Science

POLS1200 Introduction to International Studies (also INTD1200) 3 s.h.
An overview of the major disciplines represented in the International Studies major. This course will also offer an introduction to contemporary global concerns through a study of current political, economic, and social issues. Discussion of important global issues will lead to a more critical analysis of news and an awareness of the responsibilities of national and international citizenship. Goal 4, ELO4 Global Learning - World Citizenship, ELO4 Global Learning - Equality and Peace

POLS1300 United States Government 3 s.h.
The nature, philosophy, and history of the United States federal system with major consideration given to the national government, its organization, and the interrelation and functions of its component parts. A consideration of the political processes and legal concepts implicit in the American government. Goal 1B, ELO5 Social Science - Innovation

POLS2000 Individual Study Goal 1B 1-3 s.h.

POLS2200 Introduction to Peace Studies (Also PEAC2200) 3 s.h.
Introduces the field of peace studies with a survey of the historical and philosophical bases for peacemaking, patterns of conflict resolution, nonviolence, history of peace movements, world order models, alternative futures, positive peace, and career options. Goal 3E, ELO5 Histories - Peace, ELO5 Histories - Equality and Peace

+ POLS2350 Comparative Government and Politics 3 s.h.
An introduction to the theories and concepts employed in comparative politics, with emphasis on methodology rather than on particular areas. Goal 1B

+ POLS2380 International Politics 3 s.h.
A study of the system of national states and of the concept of national interest, the goals of foreign policy, the conduct of diplomacy, and the elements bearing on the problem of peace. Goal 1B

POLS3000 Individual Study Goal 1B 1-3 s.h.

POLS3200 State and Local Government 3 s.h.
A systematic and intensive study of the forms of government and political processes in the different states of the United States, with special inquiry as to constitutional and administrative relationships between states and nation and among states. Goal 1B

+ POLS3220 Global Peace Issues (Also PEAC3220) 3 s.h.
Focuses on the causes and resolution of conflict at the macro level (global violence and international peacemaking). ELO4 Global Learning - Peace, ELO4 Global Learning - Equality and Peace

+ POLS3240 Rights and Responsibilities in the United States (Also HIST3240) 3 s.h.
A study of the history of the creation and evolving interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, with emphasis on important issues decided by the Supreme Court. Goal 1B, ELO5 Histories - Equality, ELO5 Histories - Equality and Peace

+ POLS3300 Politics and Religion 3 s.h.
Addresses longstanding issues of religion's involvement in domestic and international politics. It will place a critical focus on how the major religious traditions think of the appropriate relationship of religion to society and politics, the history of how different religious groups participate in the political process, the ways that political leaders use religion as a source of legitimacy, and changing religious values due to globalization. A particular emphasis will be placed upon the contemporary political relationship between religion and a growing secularism worldwide. Prerequisite: Any lower division course in History, Political Science, Religion, or instructor's consent. Goal 1B, ELO4 Global Learning - Peace, ELO4 Global Learning - Equality and Peace

+ POLS3340 Political Parties and Pressure Groups 3 s.h.
Development of the American two-party system. Role of parties in relationship to public opinion, pressure groups and public officials. Goal 1B

POLS3360 Politics of the Contemporary Middle East 3 s.h.
An overview of critical political developments among the peoples of the Middle East in the 20th century. Among the themes to be addressed are the struggles for political, economic, and cultural independence; the making of present-day borders and states; the rights of minority groups and nationalities; the influence of outside powers; and the quest for self-determination. Goal 1B

+ POLS3370 The United States Presidency (Also HIST3370) 3 s.h.
The evolution of the office of the president, the recruitment of presidents, and the various functions performed by the president. Goal 1B

+ POLS3430 American Constitutional Law 3 s.h.
A study of the courts and the judicial process in the United States, with special emphasis on the development of the constitutional system, the interpretation of the law by the courts and effects on the American system of government, both state and national. Supreme Court cases are extensively studied. Goal 1B

+ POLS3460 United States Foreign Relations (Also HIST3460) 3 s.h.
A history of the interaction of the United States with the people and governments of foreign nations from 1898 to the present. Topics include US imperial ambitions, the world wars, the Cold War, and US concerns with foreign nationalist movements. Goal 1B, ELO5 Social Science - World Citizenship, ELO5 Social Science - Equality and Peace

+ POLS3470 British Foreign Relations (Also HIST3470) 3 s.h.
Survey of Britain’s relations with governments and peoples in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas in the period 1815-1970. Topics include Britain’s role in shaping the post-Napoleonic order development of imperial policy in the 19th century, Britain and the pre-World War I alliance system, the policy of appeasement, and the transition to a diminished world role after World War II. Goal 1B

POLS3500 Criminal Law 3 s.h.
Survey of the history, scope, and nature of criminal law in the United States. Includes study of the legal process and rules of evidence. Goal 1B

POLS3510 Criminal Procedure 3 s.h.
Through study of US Supreme Court decisions, students explore the meaning of criminal procedure, the 4th Amendment and the exclusionary rule, arrest and stop procedures, search warrants, warrantless searches, right to counsel, interrogation and confessions, identification of suspects, pretrial process and trial process. Special readings are used to teach the workings of US Supreme Court, and to examine use of expert witnesses in criminal cases, false confession issues, special issues relating to interrogation of children, problems of eyewitness identification, and comparative police line-up techniques. Students learn legal research techniques and write motion to suppress illegal search as final project. Goal 1B

POLS3700 Internship in Political Science 1-3 s.h.
An internship that allows students to work with professionals who are in career areas relating to the field of political science. The student will play an active role in identifying potential field sponsors. No more than 3 hours of internship will be applied to the political science minor requirements. (Graded on a Pass/Fail basis.) Prerequisite: Instructor's consent. Goal 1B

POLS3800 Political Science Practicum: Conference Presentation 1-3 s.h.
An advanced experiential course of study in which students propose, research, write and present a paper at a professional or student conference. Students will gain a detailed understanding of a particular topic in history as well as the process of abstract submissions, preparation of a paper of appropriate structure and length for professional acceptance, the process of presentation itself, and the following critique. Students will be encouraged to rework a paper that they have written for a previous history or political science class and earn 1 semester hour of credit. In exceptional circumstances, students may write a new paper and earn 3 semester hours of credit. Students need not be history majors to make a request to sign up for this course, but must work closely with a history or political science faculty member in order to prepare an appropriate conference paper. Prerequisite: Instructor consent. Pass/Fail only. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 semester hours. No more than 6 hours may be applied to the history, political science, and social science major requirements. No credits earned through the Practicum may be applied to History area distribution requirements; all credits will be treated as electives. Goal 1B

POLS3900 Advanced Topics in Political Science 1-3 s.h.
An in-depth study of topics from various areas of political science such as Europe, Middle East, war and peace, etc. Course topics to be announced prior to each semester they are offered. May be repeated for credit as topics change. Goal 1B

POLS4000 Individual Study 1-3 s.h.

POLS4900 Senior Seminar I (Also HIST4900) 1 s.h.
Designed to help the political science-history majors professionalize their knowledge and experience through writing a scholarly paper. Majors only. Prerequisite: Minimum grade of "C" in HIST2400 Historical Inquiry. (Graded on a Pass/Fail basis.)

POLS4910 Senior Seminar II (Also HIST4910) 3 s.h.
The research, writing, and evaluation of the completed seminar paper. Prerequisite: POLS4900.

+ Denotes an alternate year course.