Social Science Department
Offering a Unique Academic Blend

The Social Science department, with majors in history, international studies, psychology, criminal justice and human services, offers complementary approaches to understanding the diversity and the commonality of human experience. The department's faculty challenge students to think critically and communicate effectively.

Students have the opportunity to gain skills that are part of a liberal arts education and to apply those skills as they acquire knowledge in their chosen fields. With a strong understanding of both the content of a field and the methods used to acquire that content, graduates may move directly into challenging careers or continue their education in graduate programs or professional schools.

Our students' desires to learn and understand the complexities of today's world are a perfect match for a faculty driven to engage that world and share their knowledge in the classroom. We stay in touch with our graduates, and we are continually impressed with the careers they have carved out for themselves and the ways in which they are tackling those complexities with a need to make a difference.

Zacary Stetzel ’18 from Panora, Iowa, came to Graceland for a college visit during homecoming. Kinzey Nicklaus ’19 from Griswold, Iowa, is good friends with Camryn Kuehl ’19, and Camryn told Kinzey about the KCPD internship possibility.

The decision to attend Graceland University was made for Jennifer Craig-Blakeley `02, a member of Community of Christ, when her older sister, Catharine Craig, made Graceland her college of choice a few years earlier. When Craig permanently moved to Iowa following her college graduation, Craig-Blakeley wanted to be closer to her.