Policies and Curriculum (30 hrs.)

The Master of Arts in Religion is designed primarily, though not exclusively, for the professional full-time ministers and self-sustaining leaders of Community of Christ. The Community of Christ’s heritage, theology and polity are examined in order to provide skill development opportunities for a variety of church leadership responsibilities.

For their elective courses, students from other religious traditions may obtain appropriate and equivalent courses from a denominational seminary or, with the approval of the director of the graduate program of religion, may arrange for independent or directed study under the supervision of a Graceland faculty member or of a properly qualified denominational scholar or official. Such officials must be able to qualify for faculty appointment.

The Master of Arts in Religion program provides a unique blend of religious theory and practical studies, which can meet the needs of students with a variety of learning objectives. The classes in the program are offered in different formats including online; online with a Monday-Friday face-to-face focus session at Community of Christ Temple in Independence, Missouri; by special tutorial arrangement with a faculty member; or other forms of distance education. The faculty is composed of scholars and professionals in the field of religion with the academic and applied backgrounds to make the study of religion stimulating and worthwhile.