The Community of Christ Seminary is committed to:

  • Prayerful scholarship and teaching that are in critical and creative dialogue with the traditions of church, culture, and university.
  • The interaction of theoretical and practical learning in the classroom and other formal contexts of learning, as well as in church and relevant public settings.
  • An approach to curriculum, teaching, and the seminary's community life that enhances and integrates the intellectual, personal,  professional, and spiritual growth of students.
  • The preparation of the Christian leaders for mission through ministries of proclamation, justice, peace, and reconciliation in religious, educational, political, and public settings.
  • A proclaiming community of faith and learning inclusive of women and men who are diverse in ethnic, economic, social, and national background.
  • An educational context and educational goals that are ecumenical and global and honor the indigenous peoples of the world.
  • A dynamic relationship of research, consultation, and learning with local church congregations and denominational jurisdictions at all levels.