Offices Temporarily Relocated for Student Union Renovation

Offices Temporarily Relocated for Student Union Renovation

Looking north from the Lamoni campus quad to the renovation project that will become Newcom Student Union

The Memorial Student Center has housed many offices and services over the nearly seven decades it has served the needs of the Graceland Lamoni campus, including several Student Life departmental offices, the bookstore, the post office and the Swarm Inn.

Until the renovation of the Newcom Student Union is complete, students and visitors still need to visit these offices to access their services. Below you will find a listing of the offices and services that have been relocated and where to find them.




Temp Office Location

Student Life/Dean of Students

Dave Schaal

Library, lower level #19

Educational Talent Search

Christi Dickerson

Walker Residence Hall Basement

Residence Life

Nate Wood

Library, lower level #23


Sandi Swanson

Library, lower level #18

Student Activities

Melinda Graham

Library, lower level #15


Taylor Warner

Library, lower level #15

Professional Personal Counseling

Dee White Eye

Library, lower level #20

Campus Ministries

Mike Hoffman

Library, 2nd floor #215


Marcia Core

Library, 1st floor #115 & 119


Edie Neal

Library, 1st floor #115 & 119


Angie Ranney

Library, 1st floor #103


Campus Boxes

Library, 1st floor

Internet Café:

not "officially" moved, but additional computers have been placed in the library, 1st floor



Jared Doty

Briggs, room 106

Studio G


Zimmermann, Lower Level #124



Zimmermann, Lower Level #125

Swarm Inn


Floyd McDowell Commons, east entrance

You can follow additional updates on the progress of Newcom Student Union here.