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Graceland University Symphonic Season Finale

April 15

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

The Shaw Center - Carol Hall

Following our encouragement of conversation regarding the sharing of ideas - "Inspired," the idea that we are one - "Unity," and that our differences makes our species a whole - "Diverse;" we arrive at our final concert about finding peace - "Poetic Beauty."

Estonian composer Arvo Pärt spent almost a decade in silence before finding his voice in tintinabulism, a technique unique to Pärt. There is an obvious influence from the medieval period, yet his music defies classification to any styles and techniques of the past. Tintinabulism, for Pärt, is the reconciliation of the variety of philosophical thoughts and experiences of aesthetics since its inception. Jennifer Bellor's work, Querencia is tied to the idea of home. At the premiere in Colorado, Bellor explained, “Querencia comes from the Spanish verb meaning ‘to desire’ and is a concept that describes a place where one feels safe and at home.”

The performance features Graceland music faculty Melinda Leoce on the vibraphone. The closer of GUSB's 2018-19 season is Alan Hovhaness's Mountains and Rivers Without End. Inspired by the traditional Korean landscape painting, Yi In-mun's Streams and Mountains Without End, Hovhaness sought to encompass the expansiveness of Nature. The vastness within Yi's and Hovhaness' works makes us wonder about our misguided need for self-importance.

Please join us. This will also be graduating seniors Widalys Cruz Gonzalez (bassoon), Olivia McDougall (trombone), and Phillip Richard's (percussion) final concert as GUSB musicians. We thank them for their contributions to Lamoni and Graceland's art culture over the past four years.

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