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Athlete - Amina
Amina Amirkhanli - Gadets Dance Team
As an international student coming to Graceland from Azervaijan, Amina had no idea what to expect. Being a part of a dance team was one of her biggest dreams, and Graceland did not disappoint. Her coaches have offered her and the entire team motivation to be better and opportunities to measure their individual growth throughout the year. The Gadets’ social committee ensures a feeling of family for everyone. She both hopes and expects that her Gadets family will be part of her future through graduation and beyond.
Athlete - Brooke
Brooke Douglas - Women’s Soccer
Graceland University has been home to Brooke for the past four years, and she claims it was one of the best decisions she ever made. Graceland allowed her to build long-term relationships and leadership skills while playing the game she loves and getting a great education. Throughout her time as a college athlete, she was able to travel and play with teammates from all over the world, opening her eyes to multiple cultures. She is grateful for her coaches, who taught her many things about both soccer and life.
Athlete - Carl
Carl Martin - Men’s Basketball
Carl says Graceland Athletics helped him grow so much both as a player and as a man. He built great relationships within his basketball family amidst the challenges of changes in coaches, coaching methods and the culture of the team. He learned that there is a life after basketball, and he left Graceland with longtime friendships and a top-notch education.
Athlete - Amy
Amy Gully - Women’s Track and Field
Amy says Graceland has offered her many opportunities, including continued involvement in track and field. She credits both her teammates and coaches for making her college athletic experience the most memorable and influential aspects of her time at Graceland. She is grateful for the relationships she has developed over the years and how they have molded her into the person she is now. She added, "It is truly a blessing to have friends that are family — to have a place that feels like home away from home.”