Experiential Learning - Social Media Marketing
Experiential Learning - Social Media Marketing

Seniors in the social media marketing major at Graceland University have taken on the task of promoting experiential learning opportunities while participating in one themselves.

These five students are working together with Associate Professor of Business Administration Jeff McElroy, as well as members of the Graceland Communications Office, to carry out and measure the success of a social media campaign designed to highlight experiential learning at Graceland.

Through the Graceland University Twitter and Facebook platforms, these students are attempting to successfully and strategically create and post content with the intent to educate others on experiential learning, as they receive even more direct education on the topic. Students have been meeting with Communications Specialist Brooke Sutherland during their classtime to strategize the content they're uploading and review analytics as to what has worked and what they might like to tweak.

While students in education, nursing and others have taken part in this high-impact practice at Graceland for many years, experiential learning is becoming an even more integral part of Graceland's curriculum for an expanding population of students. Graceland has put a focus on this practice because it offers real-world experience to students entering an ever-competitive job market, and the C.H. Sandage School of Business has eagerly picked it up.

Graceland students gain real-world experience through collaboration with the Graceland Communications office and local businesses.

Through the many workshops and experiences Graceland offers, including internship fairs, resume assistance, and constant support from professors and faculty, experiential learning is an additional way in which Graceland is setting students up for success after graduation. As it was stated in a previous issue of Horizons, “When a student learns through their involvements outside of the classroom, they receive a different and very valuable learning experience.”

Experiential learning has been a huge factor in preparing me for the real world. It has helped me to gain knowledge that I would not be able to obtain in the classroom. Quote by Cory DyeCory Dye is a senior in the social media marketing major who is currently working to promote experiential learning through Graceland social media platforms. He explains, “It helped me to make sure that the industry I want to go into was a good fit for me. I believe that every student should have at least a couple experiences with experiential learning because it will help them become better prepared for the real world and solidify their career choice.”

Graceland University business students are currently involved in four different experiential learning projects through their student experience. Another class of social media marketing students are working with local businesses in the Lamoni area to create and improve their social media presence. Other marketing students are creating a campaign they will present at Principal’s Voice of the Young Consumer business challenge in competition against schools like Iowa State University and Drake University.

These examples are just the beginning of what is to come for Graceland students, as faculty and staff alike work to provide more and more experiential learning opportunities for students on the Lamoni campus and beyond. Watch for more stories of how Graceland students are getting the most from their Graceland experience and how it might be impacting how you see Graceland on social media, the website, through presentations and more.

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